Monthly Archives: February 2012

Madalina Ghenea winter`s victim!

Madalina Ghenea winter`s victin! Her flight was canceled and had to go to Rome by train made 7 hours on the way! Madalina Ghenea, Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend was forced to change their plans due to weather. Flight that was to go from Milan to Rome was canceled and Romanianwoman went...
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Madalina And Lucky Leo

Madalina And Lucky Leo The model probably got the most attention of her entire career after being spotted with a lucky Mr. Leonado DiCaprio. Shortly after he split up with Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, Madalina Ghenea was seen standing at a balcony in a bikini with the actor. They...
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Madalina Ghenea, on heavens door!

A Romanian broke, easy, easy on the peaks, though, the more rarefied atmosphere of showbiz and your top-lian. Missing little Madalina Ghenea now a model for 22 years, born in Slatina, but little known at home, to become no. 1 in top female stars in the Peninsula. Born and raised...
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