GERARD BUTLER is visiting Romania invited by Madalina Ghenea

Gerad Butler, Madalina Ghenea, Romania

Gerad Butler, Madalina Ghenea, Romania

Gerard Bulter had come to Romania to be with his girlfriend, Madalina Ghenea, in a happy moment: her brother is getting married.

The famous artist came to Romania with an airliner, around 13.30, to the delight of his girlfriend. The Hollywood star was anxious to know the beauties of Romania – especially Transfagarasan, wanted to go on with his life partner. The  Lovers have the opportunity and were walking on one of the most beautiful roads in Europe. The actor did not want the driver, but he insisted to drive.

With this occasion, the two will  go and Madalina brother’s wedding, Alin Ghenea. Announced that he is getting married was made Facebook two months ago, the beautiful actress who, along with the message, also posted a collage of pictures of her brother.

“We often laugh about this in childhood and now I’ve reached the big time Yes! My brother is getting married! “wrote Gerard Butler’s girlfriend on the social network.

In May, the news fell like a lightning breakup in international showbiz and June 21, the two were given a new sample of love. Italian paparazzi have photographed together in love, beating the streets of Rome, embraced. Since then, other details of their relationship have emerged.
Now, exactly one month after the episode of Rome, things seem to have evolved considerably.  Gerarg Butler came in Romania in great secrecy and has photo evidence of this. Star International embarked from London to Bucharest, choosing a race of Romanian companies. From our landed in Romania Saturday, 13.30.

Unbelievable but true! Gerard Butler set foot on Romanian soil. The famous actor landed at around 1:35 p.m. Saturday Henri Coanda Otopeni airport. From here, it was taken over by a car and went off the track in Baneasa. “Gerry” as is spoiled for Madalina mother was treated like a true Hollywood star and was offered a helicopter.636x370_1374338802441541ee

The actor flew in Arges, where he was expected by his girlfriend, Madalina. He is convinced that romania have the most beautiful mountains in the world and went to visit Balea Lac.


Not fancy, Gerard asked the driver, or even wanted to drive one of the most dangerous routes in the world, Transfăgărăşan. Along with Madalina, has embarked on an armored car and set off.

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Even if the family relatives did not want to confirm that Bulter arrived in Romania, some time ago even grandma Madalina said the actor will take part in this event. Madalina Ghenea Freedom mother contacted declined to comment on the information, but said that’s the way to Bucharest to Slatina.

Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea been together for a year, but this would be the first visit of the actor is in Romania.

The rumor may be the more credible the more after a while the two were reunited after a breakup a few weeks, spending a romantic weekend in Rome.

The actor is now all she can to be with a beautiful actress, much more as said has serious thoughts and plans to start a family soon.

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Madalina Ghenea (born 8 August 1988, Slatina, Romania) is a Romanian-born actress and model who currently lives in Milan, Italy.

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