Madalina Ghenea: "I suffered from depression"

Madalina Ghenea she is one of the most popular models in the world: beautiful and fascinating, however, the woman has not always had an easy life, she has had to overcome difficult moments and has suffered a lot. To talk about the dark periods of his life was precisely the person concerned, who was a guest on Piero Chiambretti's program CR4-The Republic of Women, during the episode of February 13th.

"I was born two years before the revolution, but I well impressed the moments when my brother recited to me the poems dedicated to Ceausescu that they had made him learn in school", said Madalina talking about her childhood spent in Romania. In fact, the 1989 revolution marked his life. Then everything changed: at the age of 14, Ghenea entered the fashion world, in a completely casual and unexpected way.

"I had accompanied my brother to a casting in Bucharest, where he wanted to meet some beautiful girls and in the end instead they took me": from there for Madalina the doors of fashion have opened with a career that has been all on the rise. But despite this, Madalina cannot help remembering that her adolescence was not easy and suffered from different complexes, starting from that of height."As a teenager I had complexes because I was too tall and the other kids made fun of me by naming me the names of giraffes."

Unfortunately, this is not all. In fact, Madalina stated that she suffered from depression: "I took care of volunteering in Haiti, I wanted to give more of what I was receiving. It helped me a lot", confessed the model, who then added an unusual detail of her life. During her travels to Haiti, the woman tried to adopt a child. Unfortunately, the practices did not go well. In any case, the best news came after a few years: her pregnancy that gave her a beautiful daughter.