15th Aphrodite Award: also Madalina Ghenea among female excellence

Un prize given by women to women. The Aphrodite Award (promoted by the Women's Audiovisual Promotion Association), now in its 15th edition, it has been assigned to 15 personalities who have contributed with work, creativity and image to promote feminine professionalism, but also to emphasize sensitivity to all the issues concerning women. The areas touched are many: from cinema to fiction, from journalism to sport, to television. During an evening at the Via Tiburtina Studios in Rome, conducted by Laura Delli Colli, president of the Film Journalists Union, e Stefano Meloccaro (Fiorello's right arm in Newsstand Fiore) our 2017 women's excellences took to the stage.

To inaugurate the evening is Madalina Ghenea, who returns four years later on this stage, after she was awarded as a debut actress (remember her in Razzabastarda by Alessandro Gassmann?). The actress of Youth – Youth reappears, this time as a new mother and accompanied by her boyfriend Matei Stratan, to show that his promise kept her. From a former debutant to a debutant who will make his way: Valentina Bellè, extraordinary in Permission – 48 hours outside by Claudio Amendola. "I can't say a word," he says from the stage. She will be the most excited of the evening. The most amusing has been without doubt Carla Signoris (Best supporting actress for the film Let go by Francesco Amato), while the one who entertained the audience the most was the journalist Franca Leosini, rewarded for his Cursed stories. The warmest applause went to her.

Lorella Cuccarini (IPA)

Lorella Cuccarini (IPA)

Alessandra Mastronardi received Aphrodite for his international career (he has another project outside the Italian borders, but he doesn't want to confess anything), Lorella Cuccarini is the TV personality of the year, but from this summer and autumn we will find her in two theater shows, Anna Foglietta she is the queen of comedy even though she points out: "We are actors and the actors should play any string", while Chiara Francini she is rewarded for her debut as a writer with the book Don't talk with your mouth full.


The debut actress of the year – for "Il Permesso, 48 ore fuori" by Claudio Amendola

Valentina Bellè

Cinema – The actress queen of the new comedy – for "What you want it to be" by Edoardo Leo

Anna Foglietta

Cinema – Best supporting actress for "Let yourself go" by Francesco Amato

Carla Signoris

Cinema and TV – For international talent

Alessandra Mastronardi

Fiction – The female cast of the year – for "Di padre in figlia" by Riccardo Milani

Stefania Rocca, Francesca Cavallin, Demetra Bellina

Fiction – Director of the year for "Sisters"

Cinzia Th Torrini

Cinema – for the best editing – "The crazy joy" by Paolo Virzì

Cecilia Zanuso

From Fashion to Cinema – for a dazzling success

Madalina Ghenea

Journalism and TV, for his "Damned Stories"

Franca Leosini

TV – The character of the year

Lorella Cuccarini

The book – After the cinema and TV, a debut as a writer

Chiara Francini

for excellence in sport, to an athlete today vice president of CONI

Alessandra Sensini

From theater to TV, attention to the female world between commitment and comedy

Barbara Tabita

The TV 2000 series a. Recognition for the quality of social commitment in fiction Chiara Salvo for Kemioamiche

Special surprise prize a Laura Delli Colli (in the executive committee with Paola Poli, president Cristina Zicchiatti, Paola Poli and Patrizia Biancamano)