20 years of magic from the first Disney movie dubbed in Romanian

2020 marks a first in the world of film and in Romania as well. It’s been 20 years since Walt Disney Enterprises Inc.-accredited studio, Ager Film, received the license to broadcast and duplicate Walt Disney Pictures / Disney Pixar and Disney Channel movies, see tin a statement released Cinemagia.

To mark this premiere, here are the main films produced by the Wal Disney Pictures studio for which the local distributors, respectively Disney Romania, have co-opted some of the most successful indigenous stars in the world of Romanian sports, music, television, politics and science.

The first series doubled in Romanian is Winnie de Pluș’s Adventures, being the first experiment of its kind in Romania, the studio doubling it in 1993, from distribution being part of Mircea Diaconu (Rabbit) and Florian Pittiș (Winnie de plush).

1. In 2000, Alin Oprea performed the soundtrack in the Romanian language of the film Tarzan (1999)! “Chickens of man or “Never Lose Your Hope” are just two of the movie’s songs that have become raucous to Disney fans.

A member of the former “Talisman” band, which is known for songs such as “So alone”, “De ziua tu”, composer and vocal soloist Alin Oprea was born on November 20, 1971, in Turda. He studied piano and violin at the Music School from Cluj and has been singing for 15 years in rock bands from Cluj (Alpha Rock, Sin, Compact) and Bucharest (Sfinx Experience).

2. Dony and Mădălina Ghenea was pairing the small screen! The two artists performed in the Romanian language in 2006 and 2007 the voices of the characters Gabriella and Troy, loved by millions of teenagers in Romania in the original Disney Channel musicals “Musical High School” and “Musical High School 2”.

Corneliu Constantin Donici (born November 20, 1981, in Brasov), known as Dony, is a Romanian pop-dance singer and producer, who has released hits such as: “Hot Girls” (2011), feat. Elena Gheorghe; “Temptation” (2010) feat David Deejay; “Sexy Thing” (2009) feat David Deejay, musical compositions that have been noted nationally and internationally. It is co-opted by Disney Romania to play the role of Troy Bolton, the star of the Wild Cats basketball team who – driven by the will to fulfill his dreams – discovers that adolescence cannot confer uniqueness and value if you have not fallen in love at least once. , and on his way to performance he discovers that love is the key to self-discovery.

Actress Mădălina Ghenea started her career as a model at the age of 15, when she presented for the famous creator Gattinoni. She has participated in fashion shows all over the world – Romania, Italy, Germany, Japan, Austria, South Africa, France or Spain. He has starred in films such as: Zoolander (2016), alongside renowned actors such as Penelope Cruz, Owen Wilson or Will Ferrell or in Dom Hemingway (2013) with Jude Law. The well-known actress doubles as Gabriella, who – shy as she enters high school – finds that she can express herself naturally and naturally with the boy who steals her heart forever, Troy Bolton, and with whom she will share the most beautiful years of high school his life.

3. In 2008 Giulia and Manuela Hărăbor doubled in Romanian two characters from the well-known original Disney Channel movie: Camp Rock / Rock Camp (2008)

Giulia Anghelescu is considered one of the most popular light music soloists of the 2000s in Romania, which adds value to our music with songs that have garnered millions of views on Youtube: the song “No” (2005) feat Dj Project ; “I chose you” (2007), “I miss you” (2011), and in 2008 he won the dream trophy by participating in the contest program “Dance for you”, broadcast by the TV station ProTv. It lent the voice of one of Mitchie’s camp colleagues in an episodic role, as seen in the release released Cinemagia.

Manuela Hărăbor becomes Mitchie’s mentor, being her mother and best friend, the one who will support her daughter to choose the right path in accordance with her wishes, something that should be shared by the parents of all teenagers who are owed to them. offer the arbitrary freedom to their offspring. The actress debuted at the age of 4 in the film Veronica (1972) and became known for her role as Simina in the film Pădureanca (1987).

4. Ela Prodan, known for her roles in the television sitcom Divertis-Land of Jokes, is the voice of protagonist Allie in the original Disney Channel production – Avalon High School

Allie, the newcomer to the city, is at the height of her joy when her parents, teachers specializing in the legend of King Arthur, tell her that she will learn at Avalon High School until she finishes her studies. But a spectacular turn will change everything! The deeper Allie researches, the more certain she is studying at a modern Camelot. Will she succeed in elucidating the mystery of Avalon High School before Mordred wins again? All these can only be found in the original production Avalon High School (2010).

5. Comedy actor George Mihăiță is tough and uncompromising doubling the voice of director Brenigan from the original Disney Channel production Lemonade Mouth (2011)

In the second year of college George Mihăiță made his debut on the big screen, together with another young colleague, Vladimir Găitan, in Lucian Pintilie’s Reconstitution (1968), a film that was to become a reference for Romanian cinema. Since then, he has played in over 60 films, 30 plays on television and over 50 shows at the Comedy Theater, whose director has been since 2000.

6. Paula Chirilă – presenter of the show “My dear friend”, which was broadcast by Kanal D – is the voice of Jullie Lewis in the Disney Channel Girl vs. Girl movie. Monster (2012)

In 2013, Paula Chirila moderated with Cristina Cioran the morning show “My dear friend” broadcast by Kanal D, later she is the host of the show “Bride for my son” in 2016, which was broadcast by Antena 1. She has also worked on entertainment (Divertis, AntiTalent etc.)

7. Corina Bud performs the song from the movie Kim Possible (2019)

Pop / dance / R & B singer Corina has released songs that have enjoyed notoriety in the country and abroad – “Yours” (2012), “Soft Pillows” feat Pacha man (2013), “No sleepin” feat JJ (2010 ), his songs debuting in the first place in Romanian Top 100, being broadcast on all profile media channels (radio, television, online), can be seen in the press release. Corina Bud was chosen to perform the soundtrack for this Disney Channel movie.

8. Gloria Melu, the actress in the teenage series Betting with Life is the voice of protagonist Zed in the Disney Channel movie Zombies (2018)

Gloria Melu interprets in 2011 the role of Sofia Drăgulescu in the well-known format “Betting with life” broadcast by ProTV, which tells the love story between Ioana Popa (Alina Eremia) and Andrei Anghel (Dorian Popa). The two, Ioana and Andrei, are students in the last year at the National College of Arts in Bucharest. They are in love and happy … or at least that’s how Ioana thinks, until she finds out that she was the target of a bet placed by Andrei and a friend of his, Cristi (Raphael Tudor) at the beginning of the school year. What nobody understood was the fact that Andrei really fell in love with Ioana. Deeply disappointed, Ioana finds refuge in music, in the pop-rock band Lala Band, a music club set up by the new music theory teacher, Raluca (Adela Popescu), the director’s daughter. 20 talented students make up the band “Lala Band”, all with a shared passion for music, wishing to create a band that will become a phenomenon in Romania.

9. Elena Gheorghe performs the soundtrack of the Disney Channel – Elena din Avalor (2016)

Elena Gheorghe, pop artist who has released famous songs such as “Ecou”, “Disco Romancing”, turns into “Elena din Avalor” and performs the song “My time”, for which she also filmed a video. screens on October 29 of that year, and the singer declares herself enchanted by the magic of the series.The animation tells the story of the first princess of Latin origin, who – after saving her kingdom from the hands of a witch – has to learn to rule the kingdom.

10. Lidia Buble performs the song on the generic of the Disney Channel animated series – Stories of Rape (2018)

Singer Lidia Buble plays the song from the genre of a new comedy and adventure animated series, The Tales of Ratio, which premiered on the Disney Channel. The artist also recorded a dynamic music video, in the style of comic magazines with the famous Scrooge and Donald Duck, and is available on YouTube and on the Disney Channel.

11. Mirela Stoian, the actress in the comedy series Vacanța Mare doubles the imposing Rhoda Chesterfield in the original Disney Channel series Jessie (2012)

12. Cristian Enache, the soloist of the band “Direction 5”, was chosen by the Disney Channel to play the generic song of the much loved animation series Mickey Mouse Club (2006)

13. Dan Bălan, a member of the O-zone band that revolutionized the Romanian music industry and contributed to placing the song “Love from Lime” in the top of the best-selling songs of all time, interprets the intro of the original Disney Channel animated series: Brandy and Mister. Mustăcilă (2009)

14. Soloist Marius Nedelcu of Akcent performs the genre of the Disney animated series American Dragon (doubled in 2008)

15. Adrian Enache, Romanian presenter and singer who released the song One Night ”moderated dozens of television shows and performed the generic song of the series The New School of the Emperor (doubled in 2009).

16. The TVR TV presenter Iuliana Marciuc debuts in the animation dubbing as Vivian, the famous Connect-r singer plays the song “I am linked in the chain”, the television presenter of the show Neatza with Răzvan and Dani ”Răzvan Simion doubles as Iggy, and hip-hop musician Pacha Man performs the songs on the soundtrack of the Phineas and Ferb children’s animation series (Serial doubled between 2008-2015).

17. The coach of “Voice of Romania”, the showman Horia Brenciu, interprets in 1997 the genre of the animated series of reference in the history of Disney Aladdin.

18. In 2003, the producer Marius Moga, who was active in the band Morandi and whose songs were classified in the international charts and Tudor Ionescu (Fly Project) are the performers of the generic song of the series Chip and Dale, the saviors of the planet.

Marius Moga has written over 300 pieces by 2006, of which 50 occupied the highest positions in the Romanian rankings. At that time, it was estimated that 70% of the Romanian music production was due to Moga. He is also recognized as the most notorious Romanian music producer, composing songs for Maroon 5, and has also been a trainer in the television program with some of the highest ratings figures, The voice of Romania”.

19. Alina Sorescu plays the song in 2016 In my own way ”from the soundtrack of the Disney Junior Feline Guard series.

20. Vladimir Drăghia, known for the soap operas in which he played but also for winning the show Exatlon ”is the voice of King Roland III in season 4 of the Sofia First animation series (2012). Sanda Ladoși becomes Mulan in a special episode of the series, and the winner of the Masterchef, Aida Parascan, is the voice of Princess Charlotte.

21. In 2007, the television presenter of the shows “Romanians have talent” and “Voice of Romania” Pavel Bartoș gives voice to the character Randall in the Company of monsters and in 2013 he returns in the same role in the movie University of Monsters.

22. TV producer and presenter Gianina Corondan played the voice of Deb in the movie In Search of Nemo / Finding Nemo (film doubled in 2008) about wanting to go beyond your limits and the power of the inner self.

2. 3. Rock star Ștefan Bănică Jr. is Ramone in the four-wheeled animated film Cars (2006) the first Disney feature film dubbed in Romanian that appeared on the big screens.

24. In the film Ratatouille (2007) the distributors chose local celebrities such as: Gabriel Coveșeanu – Remy, TV presenter of the talk “Talk to the world”; director Dan Chișu – Larousse, the actor who made famous couplets, considered one of the best Romanian actors – Alexandru Arșinel – in the role of master Gusteau.

25. The only Romanian cosmonaut who flew into space – Dumitru Prunariu, sensation in the role of the Burn-E robot in the animated film Wall-E (2009)

26. Loved TV star Dana Rogoz is Barbie from Romania, and her soul mate from Toy Story 3 (2010) is Dragoș Bucur, the presenter Dreams at the Key, who doubles Ken.

27. TV star and star Antena 1 from “iUmor” Mihai Bendeac, recognized for his comedy roles, is the voice of Doug and the distinguished actor Victor Rebengiuc is the voice of Charles Muntz in the Disney Pixar production Above All (2009).

28. Paula Seling, who took 3rd place in the Eurovision Song Contest is the voice of Holley Speed ​​in Coach 2 (2011). Sports commentators Vlad Enăchescu and Radu Naum joined the distribution in Romanian.

29. Aurelian Temișan, actor and jury from “I know you from somewhere” is the voice of Lord Macintosh in the film Fearless (2012)

30. The Wilmark dancer (who was also a juror of the show “Dancing for You”), the actress Diana Cavaliotti and Valentin Teodosiu were the voices in our heads in the Disney Pixar Animation turned two (2015).

31. Instrumentalist and contractor of the system Zoli Toth is the director of the Marine Institute in the continuation of Finding Nemo – In Search of Dory (2016)

32. Politician and former producer of Realitatea TV Lavinia Șandru joins the distribution of Cars 3, along with the unequaled actress Stela Popescu in the role of Flo and the TV presenter Corina Dănilă in the role of Sally (2017).

33. The fighter Cătălin Moroșanu, who won the shows of the contest “Dancing for you and” I am famous, get me out of here “is the voice of a local in the production of Coco (2017), which allows us to never forget our dear ones, those who they passed away, the film thus being an example of commemoration of the ancestors.

34. Alina Chinie, member of the RedBlonde band, which is active in the show “La Măruță”, is the voice of a character with a special value in the fourth chapter of the Toy Story 4 Toy Story (2019), which drives us to dream but and in recognizing the important thing in the world – the family and those we belong to.

35. Fashion designer Cătălin Botezatu is the voice of the house troll, singer Vika Jigulina is the voice of Altheea, and Edward Maya – who conquered the European charts with the hit “Stereo Love” – ​​was Grug’s voice in the Pixar movie All Before (2020).

36. Soccer player Ianis Hagi doubles Viktor, Carla’s Dreams, X Factor jury is Nassor’s voice, Vlad Gherman is Toshiaki’s voice, and Elsa is doubled by Cristina Ciobănașu, in Frankenweenie (doubled in 2019).

37. Andreea Balan is the voice of the Emerald in the Notre Dame coconut, Marcel Pavel is the priest Claude Frollo, Randi provides the voices of the church choir, Fuego is the voice of Quasimodo, and the tenor Vlad Miriță is Hugo, only in the classic Disney film The Notre Dame cocoon (doubled in year 2015).

38. The leader of the Akcent band, Adrian Sînă, is Darwin’s voice, and the top soloist Andreea Bănică lends her voice to the frivolous Juarez, in the G-Force movie: The Savior of the Planet, doubled in 2019. She also has an episodic role and one of the most good sportsmen, tennis player Ilie Nastase, who becomes the voice of a federal agent following the guinea pigs who want to save the world with ardor …

39. In 2008, Disney announced that the Bolt movie will ensure the reunion of some of the most successful television stars in Romanian: the famous Mihaela Rădulescu, who moderated the 10-year-old Sunday show at the Antena 1 family, is the Mittens tramp cat. Dani Oțil – who at that time formed a couple with the presenter – is Rino, a friendly hamster and barber.

40. Romania’s best-selling pop artist – Inna – doubles Neera’s voice, and businessman Ion Țiriac is the bear Kron only in the movie Dinozauri (doubled in 2015). Singer Pepe is an Apatozaur, Xtra Night Show presenter Dan Capatos is a Triceratops and co-presenter, Cătălin Bordea, is Zini in the Romanian dubbed version of the film.

41. In 2015, on the operational platform HBO Go also debuted the Black Ceaunul animation, which of course was doubled, choosing local celebrities including Irina Loghin, the TV presenter Teo Trandafir and the vocal interpreter Mirabela Dauer to double the voices of the three witches.

42. Alexandra Stan, one of the best-selling international artists of the new generation, is the voice of one of the key female characters of the long-awaited continuation of the film Atlantis: The Missing Empire, Atlantis 2: The Return of Milo (2015), and the presenter Alina Pușcaș plays the voice to Audrey

43. Female pop star Anda Adam in 2018 performs the song “Your heart listened to you” as part of the film Kronk’s New Life with one of the most complex actresses of the Romanian theater and film, Oana Pellea, who doubles as a jerk.