3 goes on air with the new commercial with Giorgio Chiellini and Madalina Ghenea

The new video is dedicated to the promotions of the new iPhone 11 at zero advance


Brand 3 is on air in TV with a new one spot with the two testimonials as protagonists Giorgio Chiellini is Madalina Ghenea.

In this episode, Madalina, after buying the new one iPhone 11 at a 3Store, he reaches Giorgio in his villa on the notes of the song Good life by Arianna feat. Shaggy. Before their arrival, the two interact by sharing photos and messages with their iPhones connected to the 3 network.

At the center of communication, the offer of 3 that allows for iPhone 11 to be zero-advanced. Furthermore, customers who choose 'Free' solutions have the possibility to change their iPhone without additional costs.