5 things you (maybe) still don't know about Madalina Ghenea

Madalina Ghenea, the wonderful valley of the 66th edition of the Sanremo Festival, is the most desired star of the moment. After making his debut on the stage of the Ariston, among splendid clothes and diamond jewels, everyone wants to know something more about him. The 27-year-old started modeling at a very young age and became known to the Italian public with the TV program "Dancing with the Stars" and the film by Paolo Sorrentino "Youth – Youth", in which she showed herself completely veiled. Here is all that perhaps no one yet knew about Madalina Ghenea.

1. He grew up with his brother – During the first evening of Sanremo, Madalina referred to her family and the fact that her father always came back late for work. The latter worked in Israel for 9 years, while his mother has always been a veterinarian. It was his brother who raised her and became her mom and dad until adolescence.

2. He studied art and classical dance – Madalina's greatest passions? Art and classical dance. He has attended the art institute for 7 years and has a diploma in dance with which he could also teach.

3. She is attracted to the actors – The wonderful Madalina has become famous also thanks to her romantic relationships. He had a flirt with Leonardo Di Caprio and two other "Oscar-winning" boyfriends, Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender. She is currently single, but does not hide the fact that she is attracted to handsome and good men who work in the world of acting that she loves.

4. At school they made fun of her – Children know how to be really bad and, in order to become the leaders of their class, they would be willing to do anything. Despite being wonderful today, Madalina was teased as a child. They called it "giraffe" and "Olivia", like the arm-wrestling girlfriend. The reason? It was very thin and very high.

5. Believes in numerology – The young Romanian model was born on 8-8-88, a significant date for her who believes in numerology. The 8 is in fact also the symbol of infinity and for her it is a symbol of the fact that all her family has always had an esoteric side.