A former Miss Liverpool, in EXTAZ after the title taken by “cormorants”. She did a show in the city dressed in the RED T-shirt of the favorites

Christine McGuiness (32 years old) is one of the most famous and sexiest admirers of the group on “Anfield”.

The red color is fashionable in England after Liverpool subjugated this edition of the Premier League, taking into account a long-awaited title for 30 years. Obviously, the fans of the “cormorants” are also in delirium, and among them is the beautiful Christine, star in television shows in the Kingdom and watched by the tabloids due to her marriage to a well-known comedian, Paddy McGuiness. She also has in her CV two “crowns” in prestigious beauty pageants, Miss Commonwealth and Miss Liverpool.

Now, since everyone is talking about the success of the team coached by Jurgen Klopp, Christine put on a Liverpool T-shirt and took to the streets, where she performed, dancing and singing to the satisfaction of the photographers.