A loving player from Napoli RABUFNIT online: "Napoletani supporters disgusted me, they are racists!" What they did to them. PHOTO

Kevin Malcuit's boyfriend accuses Napoli fans of racism!

Ashley Rose, Kevin Malcuit's girlfriend in Napoli, posted a message accusing the team's fans of being racist with her. "Since I came, Napoletans have been disgusting with me. I was told they have a reputation as racists and it's true", is the message posted by the young woman on social media networks.

"They told me that I was ugly, that I had the same hair and that we were brothers, and that I had to go to the regime, but I was warned, I am not white and weak, with long and straight hair. I'm the ideal woman for a footballer I like my shapes, I like my skin, I like my hair and when I see these comments are more beautiful than you because I have the bigger soul ", is the text that drew immediate reaction from the Napoli club.

"I have read the rage of Malcu's girlfriend, who has received racist insults." We are shocked, but Napoletans are not racists, but there are certainly fools who are racist, and we condemn them firmly, we apologize to them, Ashley"posted the club on the official Twitter account.

Kevin Malcuit's girlfriend, the right defender, 27 years old, brought last summer from Lille, is the make-up stylist often casts pictures on Instagram that attract hundreds of comments.


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