age, height, fiancé, daughter and private life of the actress

madalina ghenea selfieMadalina Ghenea, how old is she? And how high is it? Boyfriend, daughter and private life of the actress

Madalina Ghenea is one of the most famous Romanian actresses in Italy. The former model, 28 years is 180 cm high, became popular thanks to the participation in the Sanremo Festival 2016. Before that, she was a competitor of dancing with the Stars, the variety of Milly Carlucci. At the cinema, he was part of the cast of The Usual Idiots, Youth-The Youth, Zoolander 2 and many other films. In the life of the young woman, gossip was not lacking because of her famous love stories. Madalina has been engaged to two Hollywood stars: Michael Fassbender is Gerard Butler. He then had a brief relationship with the designer Philippe Plein to then meet the great love of his life: the current Matei boyfriend, as well as the father of his first child.

Madalina Ghenea private life: who is Matei, the Romanian actress's boyfriend

The boyfriend of Madalina Ghenea is a 32-year-old Romanian millionaire who belongs to one of the richest families in the country. He studied abroad, between London and the United States. The couple met in Bucharest thanks to mutual friends. For both of them it was love at first sight and a few months after the first meeting they decided to have one daughter. The girl's name, born in April 2017, has never been revealed. Madalina has always tried to keep her private life as private as possible. The same pregnancy was announced only near the birth. I'm leaving that hasn't marked the Ghenea which, in no time at all, has returned in splendid form and is ready to divide itself between sets, photo shoots and feedings.

Madalina Ghena redone: all the alleged retouchers of the Romanian actress

Madalina Ghenea is a beautiful woman but, according to the well-informed, she too would have succumbed to the charm of the retouch. The interested party has never confirmed but not even denied. What would he touch up? Apparently the décolleté, which looks more generous than in the past, and the lips, decidedly fleshier than they used to be.

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