airing the Christmas spot with the couple Chiellini-Ghenea
A frame of the spot 3
A frame of the spot 3

Is already broadcast on TV new brand Christmas advertising campaign 3, which sees the two testimonials as protagonists Giorgio Chiellini is Madalina Ghenea.

At the center of the communication, the "3 Xmas Edition" initiative, which allows to have the gift as a present fitness bracelet ‘Mi Smart Band 4’ buying a Xiaomi smartphone with 3: a proposal that intends to strengthen the brand's positioning as a leader in technological choices and as a reference point for innovative solutions, in which the quality of services is combined with the best devices.

In this spot, Giorgio and Madalina walk in the city center and, with their Xiaomi smartphone, take pictures of the streets decorated with Christmas lights and the people they meet. With each click, as if by magic, a luminous trail makes the new ‘Mi Smart Band 4’ appear on the wrist of passers-by. The song that serves as the soundtrack to the commercial is "bella vita" by Arianna with the participation of Shaggy.

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