all the loves of the Sanremo valley

madalina-GheneaMadalina Ghenea gossip: all the boyfriends of the Sanremo Festival

Despite the statuesque physique and incredible charm, Madalina Ghenea is single. The 27 year old Romanian has not yet found the great love of life, the one for which goals and priorities change. The Sanremo Festival 2016 stage was, however, many times the focus of gossip for its turbulent loves, which made fans of the genre chat.

Madalina Ghenea and love: all the fiancés of the actress

Madalina Ghenea – arrived in Italy at 15 as a model – has been linked in the past to important names in the entertainment world, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender. But let's go with order. The first important gossip about the Romanian actress is about another Hollywood star, Adrien Brody, star of de The pianist on the ocean. The two are pinched together on more than one occasion, but there seems to be nothing serious about it. As well as flirting with Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't seem so important, although Madalina went to the set de The Great Gatsby to go and find the actor of Italian origins. True love comes with Gerard Butler, which many will remember as King Leonidas of the film 300. The two know each other in Dubai, at an advertising event, and from there begin a story that lasts a year. "With Gerry I remained on excellent terms, he is a friend I can always count on, a good and affectionate man " Madalina Ghenea explained to Vanity Fair.

Madalina Ghenea and love: from DiCaprio to Borriello

A few months later, in 2014, Madalina Ghenea is next to Michael Fessbender, a famous German actor in Hollywood, who often flies to Milan, where the Romanian lives, for the love of the model and actress. The story, however, lasts only eight months, and it seems that it has not ended in the best way. "The conclusion was complicated and painful for reasons I don't feel like talking about " the Ghenea confided. In the sentimental curriculum of Madalina also a flirt with the footballer Marco Borriello, ex-boyfriend of Belen Rodriguez, who seems to have been bewitched by the charm of Ghenea, with which, however, the story never took off.