“Amadeus could have been better prepared”

Francesca Sofia Novello she is tired of being called into question only as Valentino Rossi. The model told it in a long interview with Grazia’s microphones: Vale will be at the Moto GP test in Malaysia. And I’m so happy. If he came to Sanremo, all eyes would be on him, instead it is my time and it is right that I live it to the full. If the country wants to think that I am beautiful and stupid, at least let me speak first. I don’t care about the judgment of others. I know who I am, I know what head I have and I’m sorry to pass for who I am not ».

Why was it chosen for Sanremo? ‘Because I’m beautiful and I’m Vale’s girlfriend. But I am also something else. Before going to the press conference nobody asked me what I was doing. If the authors had not prepared? They only learned that I study Law afterwards. And I’ve kept myself as a model since I was 14 years old. And to think that I said it. When Lucio Presta (the manager of Amadeus, ed) called me in December to invite me to join the Festival, I said to him: “I am not a TV personality, but a model. I am not interested in putting my life on the streets, I am a simple girl, I am doing well. ” Did I get convinced? The Festival is an opportunity, I would have been stupid to give up. But I wasn’t expecting this ruckus. What hurt me most? The comments on social media, for the most part of women who accuse me of being beautiful and stupid ».

Didn’t Amadeus hurt you, who presented you that way? “Yes, maybe he too could have prepared a little better, but I know he was in good faith. My talents? I am simple, pure and positive. And I try to react to negativity. I am so good that sometimes I become naive. I am not stupid, it is clear, but I do not recognize the opportunists. I have a lot to learn from my mother. She gives no advice, she says to me: “I would do so, but you see”. At that point I think better of it, before doing my own thing. The phrase I say to myself? “Franci, keep your feet on the ground.” Things can change overnight, I learned to ponder decisions. Alongside I have the example of Vale. After every difficult moment he always stood up with determination and with a smile. This makes him unique as a man and as a boyfriend ».

Are you really taking a step back from your partner? “But no! I act like any woman in love would do to support her man. We are a normal couple, we give each other strength. He is a champion, he is undeniable, and if you choose to be close to a man like this, you have to go along with his rhythms. For three years I have lived in Tavullia, I frequent his friends and his life. Vale is aware of the step I have taken. I wouldn’t have made this decision for anyone else, but it was worth it. He tries to make me happy, for example by welcoming my friends and family, who in summer move to a house close to ours. “

What did Rossi say to you after the press conference? «When I agreed to participate in the Festival he was happy. When he saw me cry, he was close to me and reminded me who I was. Then he advised me to scale everything down. I umbrella? I don’t give up, it was an opportunity for me. At 22 I worked for a team and I traveled the world for 18 races in a row. I speak three languages ​​- English, French, Spanish – I drove the car in countries I didn’t know, I adapted to the rhythms of a very masculine world. You can do that job in many ways: you can be winking, wink at the champion, leave your number to everyone. Or do like me, work and live a priceless experience “.

The world of fashion: «I have always been judged for my appearance and questioned about everything. But among many more beautiful than me, I was often chosen because I am cheerful and joyful. I always worked and nobody knew you were Rossi’s girlfriend. Will I wear Alberta Ferretti in Sanremo? We met in a restaurant near Pesaro, I was there with Vale. The next day it was Valentine’s Day and he sent us two sweaters from the Love is Love line, with a ticket in which he said to call her whenever I needed it. It moved me and, on the first red carpet I had to face, I wrote to her ».

Who do you estimate among the conductors of past editions? «Women who make people laugh like Virginia Raffaele, Michelle Hunziker and Luciana Littizzetto. But also Madalina Ghenea: beauty in Sanremo is a merit. Can I make a request now, now? Vale and I have been together for four years, I have given three interviews all my life and I have lost enthusiasm when the titles were only about him. I was talking about myself, but I was defined only as Rossi’s girlfriend. Will you at least promise to write my name well? “.

What do you prefer to be called, Francesca or Sofia? «Sofia and Francesca are two different people. Francesca is the good girl and is present during the day, Sofia is the devil of the evening, who loves to go out and be late. On Friday Tavullia’s friends sent me a message: “Francesca, will Sofia send us tonight?” ».