AMALIA ENACHE says everything about her friendship with Mădălina Ghenea

The two stars have known each other for several years and, if at the beginning it was just a professional relationship, they soon became confident. “I met Madalina a few years ago, at the Rome Film Festival, where I did a report-portrait about her for the special edition of PRO TV News, on December 1st. She stood out as the most popular beauty in Romania and then she started her career as an actress. We spent a lot of time together, we talked a lot, we got closer, we took the train together to Milan, we saw her hysterically followed by the paparazzi, we really entered her world, as I do for all my reports “, told Amalia. The TIFF reunion occasioned a long “girl-like” conversation.

PHOTO: Madalina Ghenea and Amalia Enache met at a film festival

“I approach some people irretrievably and so did Madalina. We saw each other again in the following years when we had the opportunity to be in the same country or we heard each other on the phone, we wrote to each other. He once sent me some flowers, surprise, and I was very happy with that sign of love. I care about her and I just wish her well. Now we found ourselves, after quite a long time, so our joy was great. Even though a long time passed, we immediately reconnected and told each other many, many things that had happened in our lives in the meantime. Like girls, we had a lot to confess and have fun! And I have a deadline to bring my little girl into the world around her birthday (August 8, no.) “, Amalia joked.

PHOTO: Amalia’s little girl will be born around Madalina’s birthday. Will the international star be the godmother?

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