Andrei Balan’s husband, caught with cocaine! He is a known consumer. Earthquake details come to light –

In recent days, the press has speculated about the disagreements between Andreea Bălan and her husband, actor George Burcea. Although the two denied the rumors, there was a possible reason for the conflict between the two. Just a few days ago, George Burcea was elected with a criminal case after he was stopped by police at the Volunteers.

Thus, on the morning of Friday, February 21, Andrei Balan’s husband was stopped by police on the Heroes of Voluntari Blvd., Ilfov County, a short distance from his house. Following the test, George Burcea was found positive for cocaine use.

“He was tested with the Drug Test and tested positive for cocaine. He was put in the police car and taken to IML, where blood and urine samples were collected. He was cooperative and saw in his behavior that something is not right, “said sources close to this case, according to Click !.

Without a permit, with criminal file and liable to imprisonment

George Burcea appears to have been specially stopped by law enforcement. Andrei Balan’s husband was known to them as a former drug user, so he was spun, and police were expecting him to be found positive.

The actor has already drawn up a criminal case. Next, the police are waiting for the results of the toxicological bulletin, which will detail the cocaine concentration that the man had in the body, as well as how it influenced his ability to drive on public roads. Burcea is currently in prison. He can no longer drive a car until the case ends, and in the case of a conviction, the permit will be canceled and he will be able to get a new one only after he passes an exam, but two years after the eventual conviction.

“The file will reach the prosecutor’s table and then it will be sent to court. According to the Penal Code, the act is punishable by imprisonment from 6 months to one year, usually with suspension ”, Click! Sources said.

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