Another Paris Hilton brand AROGANTA! THE HEIRESS posed sexy on a convertible car, in the colors of the RAINBOW

The 39-year-old American displayed her extravagance and physical qualities as a model, in an action meant to support the LGBT community.

The heiress of the financial empire made up of Hilton hotels accustomed her admirers to the spectacular and extraordinary appearances. The last proof came on Friday, when Paris was photographed in a unique pose, in the company of some luxury supercars.

Dressed in a short dress, with sequins, in the colors of the rainbow, Paris Hilton gave a helping hand to those in the LGBT community. “Celebrating #Pride with style”. I am in love with this BMW “, the star explained, together with a provocative photo, lying on the hood of a dream convertible car.

As she always does, Paris did not forget to accessorize herself, this time with some imposing red heels, but also with a pair of glasses that present her personality.