Antenna 1, close to a super shot! Who will sign with the television station –

It's about the singer Loredana Groza and Ștefan Bănică, who are in quite advanced negotiations regarding the participation in the Next Star show on Antena 1.

Ștefan Bănică is already an emblematic figure for Antena 1, but in the case of Loredana Groza, she has been present in recent years only in the grid of the TV station Pro Tv.

It seems that after being replaced at "Voice of Romania", where she had the role of jury, Loredana Groza checked at the beginning of last year another program with a musical theme, namely the show "Sing now with me" from the jury they did part not less than 100 artists.

At what stage are the negotiations

According to information published by Freedom Loredana Groza is about to hit the palm with Antena 1 for a new musical project, one in which the protagonists are children.

"Loredana negotiates for the Next Star jury. And she and Stefan Bănică jr. They are both in the books for the show. It remains to be seen if they will understand each other, during negotiations, and if they will beat the palm ”, writes the quoted source.

Loredana Groza is not the only former TV star. And ftefan Bănică played an important role in the TV station, but he is already active in good time in the Antenna 1.

He was a jury member of the X Factor show and the world associates him as a star of the station.

It seems that for Antena 1, the decision of Loredana and Stefan can be the winning slogan for the position, because the two are a couple of stars quite fond of the public.

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