Armocromia, and what season are you in?

L’ armocromia is an analysis that is based on the color of the complexion, its undertone and the color of the eyes, to outline which colors best suit the individual person, as regards the make-up, clothes, accessories and hair coloring.

Let’s start by defining the theory of the four seasons, the pillar of the armocromy, according to which there is one for each person palette colors staff able to enhance it. The above palette includes almost all colors, but with specific characteristics and shades for each season. The four seasons taken as reference are those that are part of the calendar year: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The “spring woman”

The “spring woman” is characterized by light, saturated and bright colors, with usually blonde, auburn, red or brown hair with warm reflections. If you belong to this category and you need to dye your hair, it is advisable to choose a color as close as possible to your own, focusing on lightening if you are blonde, and reviving red if you are coppery. In clothing, the protagonists are warm colors such as orange, brown, camel, terracotta, bright yellow and red, but also blue in the shades of sky and green-water, cobalt blue and turquoise, gray, olive green and purple in shades of periwinkle. It is therefore recommended to wear pastel colors, warm or saturated shades, and to avoid dark shades.

They belong to this season Scarlett Johansson is Charlize Theron.

The “summer woman”

The “summer woman” often has ash blonde or dark blonde hair, a porcelain skin with a pink undertone, and light eyes with shades tending to gray or blue, therefore she belongs to a cold group, which prefers colors tending to silver , to gray or ice white. For hair it is advisable to revive the hair with tone-on-tone lightening, with cold or ash reflections, or to maintain its color. Perfect for clothing are the cold colors, the soft shades of blue or gray, the shades of light pink (powder, pastel pink and antique pink), lavender, raspberry, pearly white, blue, lemon yellow , strawberry red, cherry red and shades of blue (light blue, aquamarine, powder blue and periwinkle).

They belong to this category Diane Kruger is Michelle Pfeiffer.

The “autumn woman”

The most obvious feature of the “autumn woman” is a contrast between brown / red or blonde hair, with golden or copper highlights, and skin and eyes that can be dark, green or hazelnut. There palette of colors for this season takes up all the nuances of the earth like the beige, orange, browns and warm greens such as olive, but especially golden yellow. Other recommended shades are orange, copper, bronze, brown, yellow, mustard, plum, cream, ivory and green.

Examples of women who fall this season are Madalina Ghenea, Nicole Richie is Julia Roberts.

The “winter woman”

The “winter woman” generally has a natural hair color ranging from medium brown to black, very light or pink skin, and light eyes. In the summer, it takes on a very intense tan tending towards coffee. If you belong to this category, the advice is to never lighten the natural hair color (at most just one tone), avoiding any warm reflection so as not to lose the contrast. The preferred tones are white, black, anthracite gray and light gray, blue (navy electric blue), green (emerald and mint), bright red, pink shocking and the clear one, the bordeaux, lemon yellow, magenta, indigo and purple.

Examples of “winter woman” are Megan Fox, Katy Perry is Monica Bellucci.

(Il Faro Online)