At Pietro Coccia's funeral the tears of Italian cinema

The community of actors and directors gathered yesterday for the last farewell to Pietro Coccia, the cinema photographer, in the Church of the Argentines, a stone's throw from the Copped neighborhood where he lived, and where he died on June 3rd, in followed by the autopsy time. Because it is not normal to go to sleep at 56, despite the diabetes with which he lived with a certain negligence. Pietro felt ill the night before at the Nastri d’Argento, he did not listen to those who advised him to see a doctor. Evaporate Morricone's spiritual notes for the organ film Mission, his fellow photographers, while the coffin leaves the Church, lift up the cameras, greeting him so spontaneously, handing over to that moment, as short as a click , the due solemnity. A long applause rises like a first-of-rank, mingling with the noises of traffic and the curiosity of those who wait for the bus or near a shop.

At the end of the service, the priests who are limited to being servants of Christ without a personal note and yet Peter knew him well, stand aside. Finally, the warmth of those who wanted and loved him are released, and there are many of them. Sister Maria, a nun, has an extraordinary joke when she says that Pietro had an extra-large soul (like her good bear body); Mary has a smile invaded by grace and faith: she thinks that Peter's last journey to Heaven is the most beautiful. Benedetto, his brother, says that if his mother does not feel that he is present, it would have been another thing if it had been a private rite, but they, relatives, have thought of sharing the funeral with the other family of Pietro, that of cinema. Then he tells a funny episode, in one Christmas Pietro told his parents (his father Michele was a famous Latinist) who wanted to photograph them, they posed and he, no no separate, so these photos we can one day use them as your holy cards. And here is Claudia Gerini and Beppe Fiorello, Giampaolo Letta and Pupi Avati, Tilde Corsi and Sabrina Impacciatore, Fulvio and Federica Lucisano and Madalina Ghenea, Tiziana Rocca (I will dedicate an award to his Festival in Sardinia) with her husband Giulio Base, Ilaria Spada again pregnant and Maria Pia Calzone. And then many experts, press offices, journalists. The friend of Peter's heart, also named Maria, recalls her innocence, her eternal young child. Perhaps you remember the verse of De Andr that Pietro loved so much, the one in which you run to see the color of the wind: the song, like a twist of fate, is titled The dream of Mary.

Pietro was generous, fragile, mysterious. It was difficult to make a complete speech with him. He was shy, with a sentimental education. He was a man of another era. A character from a novel. His photos were imperfect: but he was always in the right place at the right time. The last shot depicts Leonardo DiCaprio next to Lina Wertmuller at Cannes: don also that. The image of Pietro that will remain over time he who, behind the myopic lenses always a bit dusty, speaks with his sly and fluttered voice in an elusive, discreet and upwind way with respect to his profession, the crumbs of yet another snack on his shirt out of place, the quotation of a painter, or of a trip booked a year in advance, as he used to do surprising the interlocutor, mixing the high and the low of life.

11 June 2019 | 08:24


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