Best wishes to the fascinating Gerald Butler for his 50 years

Happy Birthday to Gerard Butler that today celebrates its first 50 years. From a failed lawyer to a successful actor. Butler's career has had a strange path. He was destined to become a lawyer but in 1997 he was chosen by the director John Madden for the film in costume "My queen". From there it is a crescendo and Butler becomes a super requested actor a Hollywood.

Thanks also to his physicality, he played mainly in action films, but also in romantic comedies. His flirtations with the most beautiful women in the world are famous, from Cameron Diaz to Madalina Ghenea, from Naomi Campbell to Jennifer Aniston, but the only woman to whom she has always been faithful is mother Margaret: "I owe her everything," he says.

Green eyes and insightful, resolute man's charm, Scottish of birth but American of adoption, Butler is the dream of all the women that however will have to wait, seen that in an interview to the Corriere della Sera he confessed, laughing: "I will be married at 80, if anyone still wants me"His will not have taken it very well girlfriend, the English designer Morgan Brown, with which he has one spring and summer relationship since 2014. In short, one of the last gold bachelors from Hollywooddespite his 50 years, he still cradles himself in his reputation as a womanizer and perhaps this fame will accompany him for quite some time. Better put the soul in peace.

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