Bianca Guaccero reveals a secret about her and Ilary Blasi’s past: “It didn’t go well”

Ilary Blasi is Bianca Guaccero today they are two appreciated conductors and both have made the famous apprenticeship, from small valleys they have come to the helm of several TV programs. Few, however, know that the two women, in addition to having been on the Ariston stage in two different editions of the Sanremo Festival (2006 and 2008), risked limestone even the most modest counter of Strip the News.
Guaccero during yesterday afternoon Ready said done with Jonathan Kashanian revealed an anecdote about his past and that of Ilary Blasi. Both Bianca and Francesco Totti’s wife auditioned to become tissues of the satirical news on Canale 5. However, both did not go well on that occasion and unfortunately they were not taken.

“When I was around 14, one day I was called to audition for Striscia la Notizia. I got on a train with my mother and went first to Rome and then the next day to Milan. I got off the train, sat in my seat and read my script. At one point a beautiful and very blonde girl sat in front of me. It was Ilary Blasi. “

Not bad though, because Ilary a few years later became a letter of Word of mouth and Bianca got into acting, making her debut in the late 90’s in the film Burnt Earth.

However, by eye, Ilary Blasi and Guaccero would have been two excellent tissues.