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From a law degree to a brilliant film career: here are all the curiosities about actor Gerard Butler!

He spent years of his youth in party, alcohol and trouble with the law and, despite this, he also managed to graduate in law. We're talking about Gerard Butler and he's one of the most beloved film actors ever. Let's retrace his career together and discover other curiosities about his difficult and eventful past!

Who is Gerard Butler: the biography

He was born in Paisley, in the United Kingdom, on 13 November 1969 under the zodiac sign of the Scorpio. Giordan is still a child when he realizes he is passionate about acting. A passion that, however, decides not to follow because of the family problems.

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler

He lives a very difficult economic situation and only grows with the financial help of his mother. He therefore begins his university studies at theUniversity of Glasgow where he graduates in law. He moved to London and finally decided to pursue his greatest dream. After embarking on a theatrical career, he debuted on the big screen in 97 with My queen.

Among his most famous films we remember tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie, Dracula, P.S. I love you, The harsh truth, The ex-hunter with Jennifer Aniston, Geostorm e Attack on power 3 with Morgan Freeman.

Does Gerard Butler have a wife and children?

Those who follow Gerard in film life often wonder if the actor has a wife and children. In fact, Gerard has never been married the less he has ever had children from various relationships.

According to various gossip sites, he has been for a long time with Naomi Campbell and to follow with Madalina Ghenea. He has also undertaken relations with Jennifer Anston, Lindsay Lohan and Cameron Diaz. It would seem to be single: the last report dates back to 2018 with Morgan Brown.

Gerard Butler: heritage

As a child he had economic difficulties; to date, he is one of the highest paid actors. Gerard Butler, thanks to his success on the big screen, would have managed to get a heritage about 15 million pounds!

8 interesting facts about Gerard Butler

-Gerard has a great passion for the football: he is a Celtic fan.

– The actor has got to meet his father again sixteen years after seeing him leave home. Six years after the meeting, the father dies of cancer.

-In 2017 he was involved in a car accident which caused fractures in his feet.

-Not only cinema, but also advertising: he was testimonial of Hugo Boss for a long time.

– Despite having an Instagram profile, the actor does not consider himself a very social type.

Where do you live the actor? According to various information on the web, Gerard should currently live at London.

-In the past he has also dedicated himself to music: was the singer of the Scottish rock band Speed.

– He was in a center of rehabilitation because of its dependence on pain medications.