Brad Pitt: "I'm single. Very single »

"All the stories that have been attributed to me in the last two years are false. I am right now single, very single ». Word of Brad Pitt.

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In an interview with the New York Times, the actor denied all rumors about possible relationships he had, even with very famous women, after the divorce from Angelina Jolie. Brad PittIn fact, he explained: "I don't know how many women have said that I have attended in the last two or three years, but none of these stories is true".

The actor, 56 years old, today lives success in a decidedly different way from the 90s, when his career was still in its infancy and on the rise. "I had problems managing the celebrity, I was uncomfortable managing all the attention on me" – he explains Brad Pitt – «I spent most of the 90s hiding and smoking weeds, then I realized that I shouldn't be imprisoned. Now I go out and live my life ».

Brad Pitt, who is enjoying the success of C'era once in Hollywood, today he is a mature man, also capable of giving vent to feelings: «I haven't cried for twenty years, but now I'm often moved. Today I find myself moved by my children, my friends, certain news. I think it's a good sign». Last updated: 15:28 © REPRODUCTION RESERVED

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