Breaking news. Socrates billionaire of Maddalena Ghenea, a scandal with the Police on Lake Snagov

After the mega-scandal that brought Ilie Năstase to the forefront, another famous businessman had problems with the authorities. CANCAN.RO, ROMANIA'S SITE No.1, found cutting-edge details about an incident involving Madalina Ghenea's billionaire's father-in-law. (Consoles and gaming accessories) "Mr. Cash "was taken in small money as he strolled by boat on Lake Snagov. (READ OUT: THE SON OF "MR CASH" HAS GOLDED GELOZY ON MADALINA GHENEA!)

According to reliable sources, Dan Stratan, the father-in-law of Mădălinei Ghenea, was "interrogated", a few days ago, by a "patrol" from Transports, even on the water's gloss. After they managed to spoil his walk on Lake's "Mr. Cash "authorities did not stop. (The Best Laptop Deals) Several representatives of the Naval Authority, but also the Police, went to the billionaire's home. According to the cited sources, lawmakers and Dan Stratan held heated conversations on the pontoon in front of the Snagov villa. (NOT RIGHT, HERE: "FUNDULEŢ" AND I HAPPENED FROM SMILEY! I AM FILMATED THAT WHAT …)

The Mr. Snagov property of Mr. Cash"

It comes from a family of doctors

Dan Iulian Stratan is from Iasi, a town he does not visit, but too often. Free time divides him between Bucharest and London, cities where he owns many properties. The euro million dollar comes from a family known in the city. His mother, Elena Stratan, is a gynecologist in Iasi, where she has "Cabinet Avicena", one of the oldest gynecology clinics in the city.

The father, Julian, worked for years as head of the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Clinic at the "St. Spiridon, "and now coordinates the pharmacy headquartered at the ground floor of the wife's gynecology clinic. The prosperity of the son also attracted the prosperity of the parents. The two live in a beautiful villa, located on Lascar Catargiu Street, in Iasi. (READ OUT: THE BEST PAID EMPLOYED FROM ROMANIA INVESTS 1 MILLION IN "NEW BUCHAREST"!)

Dan Stratan, the father-in-law of Mădălinei Ghenea

One of the most "cool" multi-billionaires

Dan Stratan also has medical studies, graduating from the Faculty of Medicine in Iasi. However, he did not step in the footsteps of his parents. Among other things, "Mr. Cash "provided consultancy to the Romanian state through EUR million contracts.

Businessman Dan Stratan is one of the most "cool" multimillionaires that Romania has. Despite the fact that it has gray hair, it is always on the trend. Whether it's look, or dress, age does not betray Dan Stratan, the more he likes the company of beautiful women. (SEE HERE: "CASH MONEY" WAS TO A LONG LITTLE ON THE "LOVE FRATELLI"!)

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