Businessman Dragoş Savulescu, traveled in Europe. A warrant of arrest was issued

The mandate to execute the punishment was issued Thursday, February 7, but police officers from the Tracking Service of the Capital Police did not find him at his home address. Under these circumstances, a European arrest warrant was issued on behalf of the businessman in order to execute the punishment received, and his photograph and data came to the "Most Wanted" section. More precisely, he joined other people prosecuted for various criminal offenses on the site of the Romanian General Police Inspectorate.

"It is avoiding the implementation of the mandate to execute the prison sentence," the IGPR announcement says. According to judicial sources, Dragoş Săvulescu would be in Monte Carlo.

Magistrates of the High Court of Cassation and Justice sentenced their defendants in the illegal land restitution file from Constanta on Thursday evening, the decisions being final. Former Mayor of Constanta Radu Mazare was sentenced to nine years imprisonment with execution, former president of the Constanta County Council Nicuşor Constantinescu was sentenced to five years in prison, the former shareholder Dinamo Cristian Borcea was sentenced to five years in prison , and businessman Dragoş Săvulescu, and he was a former shareholder in Dinamo, five years and six months in prison.

On Friday, representatives of the Constanţa Police have sent out activities to notify the court for issuing a European arrest warrant and an international warrant for former mayor Radu Mazăre after his final conviction for 9 years of imprisonment, , according to the latest information, it is in Madagascar.

Nicuşor Constantinescu, former president of Constanţa County Council, is already incarcerated at Poarta Albă penitentiary where he is serving a five-year sentence for abuse of office.

Former FC Dinamo shareholder, Cristian Borcea, surrendered to Ilfov Police Friday morning and was imprisoned at the Rahova Penitentiary.

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