"Butler? A collection of hats was enough »

"Success is the luck of being misunderstood by some influential people." This is what Eugène Ionesco would have said once, writer and father of the theater of the absurd born in Slatina, Romania, the same town where Madalina Ghenea was born and where her race for success started.

The models' stories are all a bit alike, and Madalina's are more equal than others. Arrived in Milan at 14 (today she is 24), she debuted with a fashion show for La Perla, lived in an apartment found by the agency along with other models.

He had little money and many illusions. And also some moments of fear, the fear of ending badly. He says: "Once we were told that a car would come and pick us up to go to an agency party. I and the two Lithuanian girls with whom I lived got into the car and shortly after we realized that this guy was taking us out of Milan, who knows where, and that there was very little to trust. The others did not understand Italian but I did, and I had the reflexes to ask him to stop at a motorway with the excuse of going to the bathroom. I went to the cashier and asked for help. We dropped him there and returned by taxi. Some experiences make you grow fast ».
Today the lively Madalina has grown. He lives in a very prestigious house in the center of Milan and has made his way. A bit of TV (dancing with the Stars), so much publicity (the spot of 3 with Raoul Bova) and the cinema. After debuting in Usual idiots – The film last year, we find it in Razzabastarda by and with Alessandro Gassman, in the room since 18 April. In the meantime it has also appeared in international territory: it has turned Dom Hemingway with Jude Law, arriving during the year.
Not only. She is also engaged to a star. He, as revealed in a world scoop by our site, is Gerard – said Gerry – Butler, 43, Scottish, unrepentant bachelor, or so it seemed. They are together
for ten months, they have been meeting here and there around the world, they have been together at the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm in December, and at the Oscar week party in Los Angeles in February. Not bad for one who comes from a small town where all the inhabitants work in a company that produces aluminum.

Where did you meet Gerard?
"In New York, at a party after the inauguration of an art exhibition. We were sitting close together, I was on my cell phone sending messages to Paul Haggis, the director, about his charity initiative Artists for Justice and Peace, to which I collaborated. Gerry attacked button, we started talking about these activities of Paul, and then he proposed me to go for a walk at the Brooklyn bridge ».


"And this is nothing. He said to me: "First, however, let's go from my house to take the jackets" ».

Already less romantic, sorry.
"In his house there is a beautiful collection of hats".

But it's the oldest excuse in the world! Hats instead of butterflies.
"You won't believe it, but we only talked that night."

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