Cannes 2015: three questions to Madalina Ghenea
Madalina Ghenea at the Youth photocall, at Cennse 2015. Foto LaPresse

Madalina Ghenea at the Youth photocall, at Cennse 2015. Foto LaPresse

A beautiful woman, the very symbol of "Youth" signed Paolo Sorrentino. Madalina Ghenea, in the third Italian film in competition a Cannes 2015, It is really "the youth", the youth of the title …

It is his magnificent body on the poster, but in the film Madalina Ghenea – 27 years, many of whom have passed on the catwalk, before being reborn as an actress (and queen of gossip, given the love affairs with Gerald Butler and Michael Fassebender) – he also has a very intense scene, in which he duets with Paul Dano, the star who he considers her beautiful but stupid: “Sorrentino chose me after having auditioned me with that scene. But I didn't follow his directions. I did it my way, putting all the frustration of years as a model, in which they judged me stupid just for my job. I am a kind person, but I can become bad, but you have to know how to protect yourself in a world that judges you by appearance. But the fashion world is also what brought me to the Cannes Film Festival, so I am grateful anyway ".

No embarrassment for the full nude scene in front of Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel?
I have so many complexes and paranoia, but with them that scene was natural. The embarrassment I had in reading the script disappeared on the set. And then Sorrentino gave me a gift using my body. My 27 years, my youth, will remain forever thanks to this film and that scene … Even when, in a few years, I won't be like that anymore. In Youth I am not the object woman, but the ideal one: just look at the look with which Caine and Kaeitel observe me.

By now he has chosen cinema, right?

I started four years ago and decided to make my choices carefully. The agents pushed me towards well-paid jobs but with which I built nothing. I said no. This is a small role, but for me it's an important step. Now I go back to Rome for two American sets (one of which is Zoolander 2, ed) and then I will be the protagonist of an Italian romantic comedy.

Over time, one of the film's themes, do you ever think about it?

The idea of ​​losing loved ones and the little girl I hope to always carry with me for my whole life scares me. I hope to get to 80 years as Michael Caine, with his enthusiasm as a child who sent us every second on the set …