Cannes 2015, 'Youth' naked for Paolo Sorrentino, Madalina Ghenea and side B – Entertainment

«Yes, Dad felt a little embarrassed when he saw the movie poster. I can understand it. Discovering your naked daughter on the posters that cover Rome and many other cities, has a certain effect ».

Madalina Ghenea says this, interpreter of Sorrentino's film "Youth – La Giovinezza" in competition at Cannes, in an interview with the weekly OGGI. «It was my first time on a set. I never even undressed as a model. And to do it in front of Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel was, let's say, a very special moment. But I realized that as an actress I had to. I took courage ». The Romanian actress also reveals that she is not completely satisfied with her body: "I too have my paranoia, my complexes … Sometimes I don't like my legs, my belly. Or the skin, I suffer from allergies and I fill myself with bubbles. Once I was very thin and, considering that I am only 1 meter and 80 high … Here, I don't like my height ». And he says that for the moment he wants to remain single (she was engaged to the sexiest men in Hollywood, from Gerard Butler to Michael Fassbender): "I'm the kind of woman who dedicates herself completely to a man, perhaps because of the education I have received. The person I love, for me it comes first. For love, for a while I put my career and my family in second place. Better to be alone for now. " Speaking of family, he says: «My mother Costanza has always supported my career. It encourages me, gets excited about success … I always sent money home. Always. Helping my parents is the most important thing, even today. They are proud of me ».

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