Capri: parade of world stars chez Pascal Vicedomini. And Tony Renis depopulated
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Capri ends 2019 lashed by a polar wind, but yesterday evening at the International Cinema, the atmosphere and hearts of those present were warmer than ever. Indeed, the 2019-2020 edition of Capri, Hollywood, the film festival conceived and organized by deus ex machina Pascal Vicedomini, who – precisely last night – managed to restore several Oscar awards in the same room, including the set designer Gianni Quaranta, and then the former Academy Awards president Cheryl Boone Isaac, the Israeli singer Noa, Franco Nero, Enrico Vanzina, Francesca Archibugi, the most beautiful ever Madalina Ghenea, Alessandro Salem, Marina Cicogna, in a ceremony that saw awards Shannon Mcintosh as best producer for Once upon a Time in Hollywood of Quentin Tarantino, Costa Ronin for the best ensemble cast always the same movie, Cristian Mungiu as best European director of 2019, Alessio Lapice as the best Italian actor of 2019, the young Israeli actor Yehuda Nahari Halevi, the "breakout actor" of the year Alberto Testone, the Palestinian designer Jamal Taslaq honored with the Capri Art Award, Agostino Ferrente for Selfie as best European documentary of 2019 ed Elisa Amoruso such as "breakout director" of 2019.

An award ceremony, punctuated by the sparkling music of the band of Tony Esposito, of Agostino Penna (in form) and of Gianluigi Lembo, who saw Israelis (Noa) and Palestinians (Jamal Taslaq) on the same stage exchange signs and wishes for peace, which saw Noa herself duet with the extraordinary Neapolitan singer Valentina Stella which has amazed the audience with its poignant interpretations and its wounded voice that deserves the most prestigious stages on the planet (Pascal Vicedomini will take her to Los Angeles in February to present it to the American public, who will only fall in love with it).

Space also for the actor and singer Robert Davi (The Goonies) who performed in his own way, paired with the singer To fly of Domenico Modugno is When when when of Tony Renis (honorary president of Capri, Hollywood and present in the room). The great Tony then went on stage in turn and, after good-naturedly reprimanding Davi for his broken Italian, he performed an amazing interpretation of his timeless success (complete with ballet and choreography from entertainer American). End. Game. Game. Meeting. There was no more for anyone. Tony Renis (born in 1938) is still the greatest artist in circulation, the most versatile, the most engaging, so much so as to galvanize the whole audience, carried by his verve.

In all this, once again, the host Pascal Vicedomini has surpassed himself, bringing together the flower of the artists of our country with the best of theentertainment international not only Hollywood, managing to reward excellence, entertain, move and at the same time send messages of peace. Single.