Chiara Ferragni and that wig in Cannes … Photos and videos

The fashion blogger sports an aggressive look and new haircut (or wig?). And the other stars follow suit. Causing the umpteenth (useless?) Controversy

Chiara Ferragni even arrives at the Cannes film festival. And launches the sexy challenge on the red carpet, parading with an outfit that leaves little to the imagination. In the face of the controversy over the MeToo and its surroundings … Also, the other VIPs on the Croisette certainly don't back down. And the end result is breathtaking – PHOTO | VIDEO

Chiara Ferragni, the day before she celebrates her birthday … with a super peasant party – LOOK

ALL ON SHOW – And so, here is Chiara Ferragni with a visible bra, all studded with diamonds, a skirt with a very deep slit (which she certainly does not keep closed …) and a new hairstyle. Indeed, someone whispers that for the occasion he has put on a wig … But not only: there is elegant Miriam Leone. And then, all the others that don't hide between splits and necklines.

Chiara Ferragni, who fools (with Fedez) at the feast of his son Leone … – READ | PHOTO | VIDEO

THE POLEMICS – But there are also those who point the finger at the Croisette and raises the controversy: in the year of the MeToo, in the year in which one complains that Alain Delon is rewarded (given the suspicions about sexual abuse in the past), in the year in which it is underlined how few women directors are in the competition … on the red carpet do the beautiful ones still show with breasts, buttocks and legs on display? And the answer … remains for you.

Chiara Ferragni, rogue nostalgia – LOOK