Chronicle, Fire at Tricase Porto, part of the former campsite destroyed

The fire should have natural causes: three means of firefighters who worked all night.

A vast fire lasted the coast road between Tricase Porto and Marina di Andrano last night. The alarm went off shortly before midnight: on the spot the Fire Brigade of the Tricase detachment arrived first. The strong southwest wind required the sending of colleagues from Maglie and Gallipoli to the site, in addition to the support of the Arif. The flames are developed behind the former Camping San Nicola in an area hit last November by the tornado that hit the Tricase marina.

Also because of the wind and the dry air of the night the fire spread in the direction of "Isola", involving and destroying some structures of the former campsite (such as the bathrooms) and even a hundred trees which also affected properties close to that of old "San Nicola".

No house evacuated: the firemen entered the area forcing two gates of the former campsite, ending the fire only this morning around 8.30 am, the area remains under control by the Arif to prevent there being residual outbreaks.

Video of Il Gallo

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