Chronicle, New waterfront: intervention for almost 3 million euros. Work in March

In addition, in Nardò, the ok arrives at the project: the section between Quattro Colonne and Santa Caterina will be redeveloped.

New seafront, from the Municipality of Nardò comes the ok: an intervention of 2 million and 990 thousand euros, about one year of works, with construction site starting in March 2020. With today's approval of the executive project that provides for the redevelopment of the seafront between Quattro Colonne and Santa Caterina and the realization of a long cycle path, the Neretina junta, led by the mayor Pippi Mellone, approves the project.

A complex work that bears the signature of the group of professionals led by the engineer Angelo Chirilli (composed by the engineers Francesco Chirilli, Daniele Anchora and Fabio Geusa and the geologist Andrea Vitale) and that will allow you to pedal or walk comfortably and safely for about 3 km, from Piazza Shalom in the Quattro Colonne area (where the market is held) to the parking area of ​​Via Cantù in Santa Caterina, just a few meters from the sea and immersed in a completely redeveloped and enhanced context.

The cycle “walkway” has been divided into several sections, all almost entirely on a two-way reserved lane, located on the sidewalk (sea side) and adjacent to the roadway. The path will be mixed (pedestrian and cycle) in the two small squares of Santa Maria and Santa Caterina and will be enriched with green spaces (flower beds). The wall that today separates the cliff from the pavement will be knocked down and in its place a line will be built consisting of six-meter railing modules (sea view) alternating with three-meter walls, which will be in carparo ashlars on Via Emanuele Filiberto and in dry stone in Via Cantù, with the aim of recalling the existing one. The same pavement on Via Emanuele Filiberto will be paved with stone from Trani.

The project involves the rebuilding of the public lighting along via Filiberto and the insertion of recessed spotlights in the walls to illuminate the pedestrian path, which will stand in the middle between the parapet line and the cycle path. The long work of the designers made it possible to obtain at the end of the works the same number of parking stalls that exist today and not having to limit the waterfront to a single direction (which will therefore remain a two-way). A redevelopment intervention, however, providential after the storm of 12 and 13 November that destroyed the old stone wall of the waterfront in several places.

The project, as is known, was a candidate for the public notice for the financing of cycle paths "On the right track – Municipalities on the track" (the result of an agreement between Anci, the Italian Cycling Federation and the Institute for Sport Credit) and is it was admitted to financing for 2 million and 990 thousand euros, which the Municipality will repay through an advantageous zero-rate loan for the first fifteen years and at a subsidized rate for the remaining ten. The next steps are the call for tenders by the criterion of the most economically advantageous offer (a particularly favorable score will have the proposals with a faster work schedule) and the assignment of the work, which lasts one year based on auction (but presumably will last less) and that will start in March 2020. The site will be suspended during the summer months.

"In March – Mayor Pippi Mellone announces – we will open the umpteenth construction site of an extraordinarily profitable administrative experience. An intervention that will make the stretch between Quattro Colonne and Santa Caterina a promenade among the most beautiful in Puglia, where it will be possible to walk and ride in full comfort and safety and with a breathtaking sea view. Fortunately, we had abundantly set up the redevelopment, which would have been obligatory after the storm ”.

"The remaking of the waterfront – noted deputy mayor Oronzo Capoti – is one of those things that all the electoral programs of the last thirty years in the city have foreseen, without ever having followed. Thanks to the tireless work of these three and a half years, even this dream will come true, giving new life to our marinas, decorum, safety, greenery, liveability. Attending our stretch of coast in a year will be much more beautiful. "

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