Chronicle, Urban security, signed a pact to combat crime

Also present were the Prefect, Maria Teresa Cucinotta, the regional councilor Sebastiano Leo and the mayor Gianni Stefano.

The “Pact for urban security, for integrated security, for the development of the territory and for the promotion of a participatory security system” of the city of Casarano was signed this afternoon in the Salone degli Specchi of the Prefecture. The document, drawn up on the basis of the directives of the Ministry of the Interior on the subject of city security, arrives a few days after the ambush by Kalashnikovs against Antonio Amin Afendi and three years after the murder of the boss Augustino Potenza and provides a complex process of participation in the management of security at the different levels of the Casarano reality, pursuing the aim of increasing the control and enhancement services of the socio-economic specificities, laying the foundations for a healthy development of the territory.

During the ceremony, which was attended by the highest provincial authorities, the Prefect of Lecce, Maria Teresa Cucinotta, underlined the satisfaction for the unity of intent underlying the document and stressed how, through the implementation of promotion policies of the citizens' safety, the identification of suitable instruments to favor industrial development actions, the administrative prevention of illegality and the fight against the infiltration of organized crime in the public administration, the city of Casarano will certainly be able to benefit from the commitments assumed by the underwriters and the subjects adherents.

The document was signed by the Prefect of Lecce, the regional councilor Sebastiano Leo and the mayor of Casarano Gianni Stefano. They also gave their support, pledging to provide their contribution, the Province of Lecce, the Chamber of Commerce, Confindustria Lecce, and the provincial school office.

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