Ciprian Marica’s girlfriend, taken advantage of by internet users: “You still need to make a statue of your husband”

After the compromising footage, published in the press, Ioana Marcu was harshly criticized by Internet users for forgiving Ciprian Marica.

The world of Romanian showbiz has shaken! And this is because a lover came out whose protagonists are Ciprian Marica and the daughter-in-law of Florin Muntean, the former owner of Transgaz. The idyll would have been consumed in August 2019, in a hotel in Cluj. The two were actually caught by Ana Muntean’s husband. (SEE ALSO: HOW THE EX-TOP OF THE NATIONALS REACTED AFTER THE STORY OF HIS “MARKING” APPEARED AT THE FORMER OF THE FORMER TRANSGASE CHIEF “CALL ME IN 10 MINUTES” + “THE SUBSCRIBER HAS THE PHONE” IN

After the compromising footage that circulated in the press, Ioana Marcu published a photo in which she appears with Ciprian Marica. The blonde appears in the picture upside down, visibly upset. Internet users did not take kindly to the situation and criticized Ioana for forgiving Ciprian Marica.

“You still need to make a statue of your husband as he mentions you in the filming, because you left and he stayed at the Loft with Ana 😂, “She has assumed since she married him and accepts all his adventures. She is not alone, rest assured. Mihaela Borcea knows better 🤣, 💪 At as many hotel rooms 😂, “How you are FAKE woe and bitter! Return to Christ, otherwise you have no chance! ”, “Didn’t you see the filming or is it” against the wind “? :)))) “, were some of the acid comments.

Who is Ana Muntean

Ana is married to Florin Muntean Jr., with whom she also has two boys, aged two and four, respectively. Sexy-mum graduated from the Faculty of Sports, did performance sports, and currently works in the field. So it is easy to understand where the sculpted body “comes from”. Since she is isolated at home, the young woman has thought of motivating her mothers and, daily, she posts different series of exercises that can be done at home. He even thought of appearing on the bottle! (READ ALSO: MĂDĂLINA GHENEA, LEAVED BY THE ITALIAN BILLIONAIRE ?!

Two weeks ago, Ana Muntean went live on “Neatza with Răzvan and Dani”, where she is running for the title of “The sexiest mom” and was subjected to various tests.