Codin Maticiuc, shock announcement: "I slept with Mădălina Ghenea"

Known initially as a crack in the clubs in Bucharest, Codin Maticiuc "rebranded" and became a producer and actor in films. Photo Gallery.

Now, the man has been surprised by the news that has made fuss on social networks. The statement that she slept with Mădălina Ghencea intrigued many, until they got the explanation from Codin Maticiuc.

"I slept with Madalina Ghenea.

Last night. These guys made me some bedding. People asked me: "What do we write on them? Do you want your initials? "I said," write what you want, just do not put my name to me that I do not like it. "Surprise! I was embroidered with the woman's name. The only option is to put her in bed. That's right. I'm grateful for what I can, "Codin Maticiuc wrote on social networks.

Picture with the pillow on which the name of Madalina Ghenea appears in Photo Gallery.

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