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Cover and all the news of Italian and international gossip on the n. 23 of Novella 2000, on newsstands from tomorrow Wednesday 29 May 2019.

From tomorrow Wednesday 29 May 2019, Novella 2000 will be again on newsstands with the no. 23 of which below you can preview the cover. Matteo Salvini and Francesca Verdini they are still a couple. This is the news collected by the weekly directed by Roberto Alessi, with the tender selfies of the Vice Premier and his girlfriend. The two had been given up for being put off by a rumor put on the web, but Salvini soon kept us to deny the gossips. It is the "victory of the heart" as the headline Novella 2000 on a first page that tells you however also many other anticipations of the contents.

To strike immediately after is the Pamela Prati case, which continues its series of television "episodes". After the investigations of Dagospia is Live! It is not the d'Urso, our manager's point of view on the latest news. Pamela Prati, whether it really is victim or whatever partner in crime of the agent strategy, is the protagonist of one of the saddest events of recent years. Now, the audience of Barbara d’Urso's Wednesday night program may perhaps really close another chapter after the choc confessions by Pamela Perricciolo.

Meanwhile, from the beach of Saint Barth in the archipelago of the Antilles comes the news that Madalina Ghenea he evidently has broke up with boyfriend and father of his daughter. The former actress Dancing with the Stars she would be linked to the former boyfriend of the supermodel Heidi Klum, with which the paparazzi surprised her in sweet company.

And speaking of new loves, always on the cover of Novella 2000 n. 23 you will also find another exceptional novelty: Jessica Mazzoli he found his smile after the Big Brother 16 with a new love. He is a deejay who lives near her and his little Lara in Sardinia. Right now that Morgan has the mood on the floor and not even a roof under his head, the former takes his revenge …

Novella 2000 n. 23: here is the exclusive cover for the web, and all the other anticipations of the contents

In the same issue you will also find an update on health conditions of Justine Matera, that in a bike ride with the former champion Francesco Moser he risked big for a fall. Wanda Nara change hair color? Apparently yes, except that the next day the manager and wife of Mauro Icardi she returned to her very blond, revealing that it must have been a wig or a temporary dye.

This week's exclusive interviews, in n. 23 of Novella 2000 in all newsstands from Wednesday 29 May 2019, they are instead a Giovanni Ciacci is Alessia Fabiani. The costume designer of No sooner said than done traces the story of a love on the net that could put him in serious trouble. But he also talks about how next year he could forgo the new Rai 2 afternoon season, preferring other projects to tutorials with Bianca Guaccero. And then, how are things with Damiano's boyfriend? The former letter instead recalls the great television season that the lives of the protagonists of the game show Word of mouth, and tells us about the new life as an actress and mother of two twins.

Novella 2000 n. 23 Wednesday 29 May 2019
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But Novella 2000 he also met two stars of the hard cinema nostrano: Lady Muffin and the companion Tommy in Rogue. The couple of artists revealed to us all the background of their work, insisting that neither of them is authorized by the other to perform with other actors in front of the camera. A question from pornofedeli!

Finally, our magazine offers its readers the usual appointments with the latest voices from the world of entertainment, football and fashion with the column Whispers and Screams, some tips on the most glamorous diet, clothing and habits, and of course an update on star forecasts.

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