Crowd in Rome for the farewell to Pietro Coccia

ROME, 10 JUNE – The church of Santa Maria Addolorata a
Rome has failed to accommodate all the friends and colleagues who
they tightened around the family for the last farewell a
Pietro Coccia, the photographer who told his shots
for years the Italian cinema. A moved crowd applauded the
coffin of the 'good giant', which in many on the altar, like
Monica Tasciotti and Laura Delli Colli, they remembered with
anecdotes and affectionate curiosities about his generous personality e
   In the church of Viale Regina Margherita many colleagues,
photographers and journalists with whom he shared film transfers
around the world, many press offices in the sector e
many familiar faces. There were among others Beppe Fiorello, Valeria
Golino, Claudia Gerini, Madalina Ghenea who has not stopped
the brothers cry for the whole funeral rite, Paola Minaccioni
Antonio and Pupi Avati, Ricky Tognazzi, the D'Innocenzo twins
Claudio Bonivento, Ivan Cotroneo.