Dancing with the stars, a new dispute between the couple Todaro-De Girolamo and the jury

A live clash started, De Girolamo: "Better not say what you do on social media …" Canino: "I'll complain!"

Also in the final the claws are sharpened between the couple Raimondo Todaro / Nunzia de Girolamo and the jury. Several times over the course of this fourteenth edition, the maestro and the competitor have had to complain about the criticisms addressed to him. The last one dates back to a week ago, when Todaro lashed out against the judgment of Guillermo Mariotto and Selvaggia Lucarelli.

This time the dancer rekindled for the words of Wild Lucarelli who hopes: "To find you next year without snouts and complaints. With a sunny spirit, fun and amused as I have been used to seeing you for years"

Todaro replies:

If there has been controversy this year I have always defended myself and never attacked. But every time I come here I feel that you are insulting Nunzia, every time I come here and I hear about everything except dance, it's an insult to me.

Nunzia de Girolamo tries to throw water on the fire: "We had fun". Fabio Canino, however, takes the ball to rekindle the clash with an arrow that looks like a showdown:"But you also enjoyed putting people like me to death!"The former policy tries to argue:"I love social media and I think it's a tool of freedom"Lucarelli takes it back:"So why do you put people like insults to gays?".

The judges still press on what de Girolamo would have done on social media, at which point the competitor bursts out: "Fabio (Canino, ed) I don't remember you or anyone else in the jury what you did on social media: from hard videos to offenses to children"the judge called into question gets nervous:"But how dare you ?! I'll sue you!".

Milly Carlucci enters with a straight leg that stops the fight in full swing: "People do not understand what happens, we risk entering into a discussion in which nothing is understood"and we return to talk about dancing (for now).