Daughter of Dem Rădulescu, movie debut. Play alongside Mădălina Ghenea

Irina, Dem Rădulescu’s daughter, debuted in the cinema with a role in the movie “Urma”.

The movie “Urma”, directed by Dorian Boguţă, enters the Romanian cinemas on March 6. The new film celebrates the big screen debut of Irina Rădulescu, the daughter of the late actor Dem Rădulescu.

Irina is the central female character

Irina Rădulescu is Ana, the central female character from “Urma”, a policeman with thriller accents about the secrets hidden behind us. When a famous pianist disappears, a policeman starts his search and gradually learns about his bizarre and the decisions that triggered a whirlwind of surprising events.After the death of their parents, he had become obsessed with the happiness of his sister, Ana, beyond the confines of brotherly love.

In the distribution, besides Irina Radulescu also appear Teodor Corban, Marin Grigore, Dragoş Bucur, Mădălina Ghenea, Lucian Ifrim, Liviu Pintileasa, István Téglás, note the producers.

When the movie will air

The film will have previews, in the presence of the team, in Iaşi (March 2, Cinema Iaşi), Cluj-Napoca (March 5, Cinema Victoria, at the TIFF Cinema), Arad (March 6, Cinema Arta), Timişoara (March 7, Cinema City Timisoara Shopping City), Sibiu (March 11, Cinema Ion Besoiu). In Bucharest, the team will be present at Baneasa Grand Cinema & More (March 4), Cinema City AFI Cotroceni (March 5), Cinema Elvire Popesco (March 8), Cinema Museum of the Peasant (March 10).

What Irina Radulescu says

“The following was the first experience in cinema and it meant an initiation, an adventure and, finally, a find. The occasions were in the cinema, but they did not materialize and, anyway, not because of the importance of the role of Urma, “says Irina Rădulescu.

The actress was 13 years old when the beloved comedy actor Dem Rădulescu ceased her life in September 2000, at 69 years old. “The most important and essential lesson learned from my father is a simple one – because small bottles contain strong essences – I always look for simplicity and truth,” added the actress, cites Mediafax.

What the director says

“I chose Irina as Ana because in the repeated castings with her, at one point, I saw my character and not Irina. And that’s all an director can want from an actor. And there is something else: even if it is a debut in the feature film, it showed a professionalism that, in combination with the freshness of a beginner, gives excellent results, “says director Dorian Boguţă, who also made his debut in the feature film.

The story of Irina Rădulescu

Irina Rădulescu was born on October 14, 1986 and is an actress at the Little Theater in Bucharest. She played in the theater, among great actors, and Gina Patrichi was born with a baptism. The first appearance on stage was at the age of 7, in the role of Astinax from the End of Troy, by Walter Jens, directed by Vlad Mugur (1994). Since 2008, she has played on the stage of the Little Theater, the roles she appeared in (Miranda (in The Storm, by William Shakespeare, directed by Cătălina Buzoianu, 2008), Hermia (in the dream of a summer night, after William Shakespeare, directed by Gelu Colceag, 2011) , Celia (in Volpone, after Ben Jonson, directed by Vlad Cristache, 2013), Nina (in … ESCU, by Tudor Muşatescu, directed and stage version Doru Ana, 2018), Camille l’Espanaye (in Nevermore, after Edgar Allan Poe, directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu, 2019).

“Urma” had its world premiere at the Namur International Film Festival

“Urma” had its world premiere at the Namur International Film Festival and was selected in the Spectrum competition at Cottbus. The screenplay is signed by Dorian Boguţă and Loredana Novak, the image was made by Barbu Bălăşoiu (Sieranevada), and the editing belongs to him. by Tudor Popescu. “Urma” is produced by Hai Hui Entertainment, in co-production with Mandragora, Actoriedefilm and Point Film.

The feature film debut of director and actor Dorian Boguţă enters the Romanian cinemas on March 6th, distributed by Transilvania Film.