Did Madalina Ghenea BIRTH or not? PICTURE that went viral

Madalina Ghenea posted on Instagram a photo with a child, thus giving rise to speculations that she would have given birth, writes Cancan. In fact, the image is a childhood picture of the actress.

But, in the explanation of the photo, Mădălina Ghenea put an emoticon with a chicken that comes out of the egg, so everyone understood that she had already given birth, but she did not want to post the photo of the baby.

One of the actress’ fans wrote on Instagram: “After the message and the picture, I understand that Mădălina gave birth. Congratulations! (I hope I’m not mistaken) “.

The beautiful Romanian is in a relationship with Matei Stratan, who is also the father of the little girl that the actress is preparing to give birth to. Or she has already given birth…

Madalina Ghenea starred in several Hollywood movies, sharing the set, among other stars, with the famous Jude Law, in the movie “Dom Hemingway”.

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