Did Madalina Ghenea love him? Gerald Butler turned unrecognizable at the age of 50

He conquered a whole world after the role in the movie 300 – The Heroes of Thermopylae. Today, Gerard Butler, the actor coveted by a lot of women, seems to be totally changed. At the age of 50, Mădălina Ghenea’s ex-boyfriend amazes with the adopted look and style of clothing.

Her appearance in a number of film productions has aroused appreciation from millions of women around the world. The actor’s charisma made them dream, and Mădălina Ghenea fell in love with Gerard. Although their love affair did not last long, Gerard always found solace in the arms of the various ladies who fell prey to personal charm.

What does Gerard Butler look like at 50?

However, the physical appearance is fleeting, and the beauty of the body seems to have lost the battle with time in the case of the actor. Gerard, whom fans know as King Leonidas, had a sculpted, well-trained body at the gym and an iron abdomen. Today, Butler is totally changed. The famous actor has reached the age of 50 and is almost unrecognizable.

The Scotsman, who currently lives in the USA, was photographed by the paparazzi in numerous poses, which shows the lack of interest in his physical appearance. In the latest images, the actor appears wearing a hat, T-shirt, shorts and slippers. However, it is not the clothing style that is a problem, but its careless attitude. Gerard Butler is unshaven, with long hair and the fresh air he is used to.

Source - Profimedia Images
Source – Profimedia Images

It seems that for Gerard Butler, age is starting to have its say, and the lack of projects in his professional life affects him. Fans around the world can only hope that their idol will return to the charismatic form and style that made him famous.