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After a few missed engagements, Mădălina Ghenea seems to have finally found happiness in the arms of Iasi's millionaire, Matei Stratan.

In the last few months, the two have been surprised in tender hypostases: when on Matei's personal yacht, when at the luxurious villa he owns in Tuscany, and again, the model has let it be understood that their relationship would be be made official.

During the holiday in Maldives, Mădălina posted a picture with the envelope of the reservation at the resort where they were staying, which writes "Mr. and Mrs. Stratan", and from there, the greeting comments from the virtual friends were cascading.

Neither of the two Amorites gave any explanation; it is certain that their love resists and they do not dare to show it.

Alexandra Zărnescu

Photo: personal archive

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