Does Madalina Ghenea have a new boyfriend?

Only a few weeks ago it was rumored that Madalina Ghenea she was ready to marry the historic boyfriend Matei Stratan but, according to the latest rumors, it seems that the Romanian model has definitively interrupted the relationship with the entrepreneur.

In fact, in the life of Ghenea, a new man seems to have joined: Leonardo Del Vecchio junior, son of the entrepreneur of Luxottica, with whom Madalina was spotted in a well-known Milanese restaurant. To reveal it is the weekly Oggi, which writes about flirt between the model and Del Vecchio junior, telling the irrepressible passion between the two within the Milanese restaurant. "There is no talk of anything else in Milan! In these hours the good salons of the city are concentrated on one piece of news: the new love story between Madalina Ghenea and the son of the entrepreneur Leonardo Del Vecchio – we read about the rotogravure -.The Romanian model and the son of the founder of Luxottica came out into the open a few nights ago in the private room of the Armani Privè, an exclusive Milanese restaurant, where they failed to contain their passion".

And yet, a year ago Madalina Ghenea said she was sure she had found in Matei Stratan the most important man in her life, the one with whom to give birth to her daughter Charlotte and build a life together. "I fall mainly in love with the strength, the decisions, the conviction with which a man takes them. I see Matei like that, strong”, The model told in an interview with Vanity Fair. To date, however, it seems that things have changed radically and, although Ghenea has never made statements about her private life, the story with Stratan seems to have been definitively closed. Now, in his life, there would be Del Vecchio junior.