Does Madalina Ghenea leave Matei Stratan, the millionaire lover?

In the summer of 2016, fresh out of a rebellious relationship with designer Philipp Pleine, for whom he tattooed on his neck, Madalina Ghenea met Matei Stratan. It was love at first sight, and their story seems to have unfolded after a syrupy movie scenario, being the perfect couple.

madalina Ghenea

Everyone was delighted and admired them for how beautiful they are together, in addition, for Mădălina it was a good opportunity to wash his image, as he had a very rich record in terms of intimate life. Matei was a good match, being the heir to an empire of 300 million euros, but also an educated and good boy. Here, the surprises continued and, after only a month of passionate love, the Olteanca became pregnant, in April she gave birth to a little girl.

The two of them understood each other perfectly after becoming parents, but lately their feelings started to wane, and they had more disputes in the Snagov villa. And they had plenty of reason to argue, because Matei's parents are not at all excited about the adventurous past of their "daughter-in-law." Then, the obsessive exposure on the family's social networks was the drop that filled the glass: “Matei is an extremely modest boy. It is true that in his money you would not believe that he had this quality. But she does not like to boast, go to clubs, hang out with cars of girls, as others do, and of course she disliked to appear ostentatiously in pictures, to make the monkey on her Instagram. He did not agree at all, but Mădălinei liked to appear, to write something more ”, they declared for Click! sources near Mădălinei.

She is a mother of note 10

Last days, the beautiful woman gave a denial by saying how involved she is as a mother, but about her relationship with Matthew did not mention anything, which further reinforced the rumors.
In the hope that he will save his relationship, Matei Stratan told us: “All that is heard is stupid. Between me and Madalina things are fine. There have been no heated discussions between me and her lately. Of course, all three of us live under one roof. She did not go to Italy as she wrote, this is not true. ” Asked when he will formalize his relationship with Mădălina, the millionaire avoided giving a concrete answer: "About the wedding I do not want to speak, because they are personal things, which concern only us."

He loved five-star bachelors

In the nurseries of Mădălinei Ghenea, Leonardo DiCaprio (2011), Adrien Brody (2011), Gerard Butler (2012-2013), Michael Fassbender (2014), Lewis Hamilton (2015) and Philipp Pleine (2016) dropped in chronological order.

Mădălina Ghnea and Matei Stratan enjoy daily unforgettable moments, spent together

However, if we look strictly at the number of zeros in the accounts, Matei Stratan beats the former girlfriends of Madalina, the actors Leonardo diCaprio ($ 245 million), Gerard Butler ($ 30 million), Michael Fassbender (30 million). $), Adrien Brody ($ 10 million) and German designer Philipp Plein (€ 100 million). The 29-year-old lawyer comes from a family with an estimated wealth of € 300 million, properties in London, Tuscany (Italy), Iasi, Bucharest, an impressive car park, with cars of € 200,000 a piece, but also a yacht of historical value, anchored in Greece.