Dragoș Bucur is back! What a successful business he has opened and what he will launch with his daughter – capital.ro

On Thursday night, the actors celebrated the opening of 2DB Studio Films. Several stars have appeared, among them Inna and Andreea Esca. On this occasion, Dragoș Bucur announced the launch of the Delta Neagra series.

"Together with my daughter, Sofia, we started playing and we went crazy. We started writing a script. After I wrote it, I tried to sell it. The reactions were very good. We started developing a series. It's a series that wants a Romanian fantasy. ”Dragoș said.

Even his wife, Dana Nălbaru, helped with the soundtrack of the series.

Also, Dorian Boguță presented, for the first time, the trailer for the film Urma, his feature film debut, which will be released on March 6, in theaters. Mădălina Ghenea will also play in the movie.

Anton (Marin Grigore), a famous pianist, is missing. The policeman (Teodor Corban) who takes over the case gradually learns about the artist's troubled fate, his bizarre relationships and the decisions that triggered a whirlwind of surprising events. After the death of his parents, Anton became obsessed with the happiness of his sister, Ana (Irina Rădulescu), beyond the limits of brotherly love.

"The film also gave me this plateau in the sense that when I was shooting in the area and I saw this building, I said: Dragoș, maybe it would be good to take a risk. We'll see if we risked good or bad. ”Said Dorian.

Dragoș spoke about the new project and about the people who helped create it.

There are a lot of people who believed in this project and without whom we could not follow it. We don't know if it will come out. I am open to any kind of collaboration. This is the project. We are here, if you find it interesting, we develop it.

This is not the first time Dragoș and Dorian collaborate. The two also run an acting school. It's about the actoriedefilm.ro school. It was opened nine years ago by Dragoș Bucur, Dorian Boguță and Alexandru Papadopol.

The courses started on November 18 and lasts 6 months. The private school produced films such as: Love Building, Alt Love Building, Two Lots, Hawaii, but also several short films attended by the students.

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