Dressed in red carpet fashion in Venice 2019, here are the banana skins

With the Venice Film Festival starts the season of the red carpet and the most glamorous events of the year. Live from Venice the cinematographic festival releases great hints and warnings on the age-old question of taste, style and the ability to create harmonious combinations between the elements that make up the elegant look chosen for the mythical red catwalk. Fashion clothes from great evening, spectacular and out of the ordinary but to which only a slip on banana peels insidious to cancel the magic.

THE clothes of Venice 76 represent the turning point between two seasons, the summer fashion and the first fruits of the fashion trends autumn winter 2019-20. That is why it is not so obvious to make a clear path on the red carpet of the Venetian festival.

And now happy scroll with the banana peels sight on red carpet of Venice 76.


Elsa Hosk and the heavy earring

It also happens to the best. One of the two showy jewels for lobes on the red carpet of Venice 76 and here the contortions come back useful.


Ruth Negga and the raunchy platform

Ruth Negga Ethiopian naturalized Irish actress, risks memorable slip before gaining the photocall platform for Ad Astra, James Gray's movie with that gritty Brad Pitt. Damn platform sandals.


Pope Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker face the red carpet of Venice 2019 with a creation of Giorgio Armani Resort austere and demure despite the refined and delicate lace. But something does not come back. His effervescent personality appears as castrated. Sin.


Nadine Labaki and Transylvania

Lebanese actress, director and screenwriter, Nadine Labaki takes the red carpet business a little too seriously. Rather, it looks ready for the long Halloween night.


Different twins. Eh?

Alessia and Alice Agazzani face the red carpet of Film Festival 76 running into the blatant cliché of twins dressed the same. Why? Personality not received.


The mystery of the Carnival in the lagoon anticipated

Thanks to Anna Brancati for reminding us of being in Venice, the official world venue of the Carnival. Even no, this is a film already seen.


There is only one of Lady Gaga


Long, short, Ferrarelle

His name is not known. The dress chosen to cross the red carpet presents itself. Short pleated skirt. Long skirt with slit. Bustier bustier. Peplum neckline. However!


The curse of white Mary Jane

There are both cascades. A pair of Mary Jane white it had the same effect as the siren song for Ulysses. But it must be said that after the enta they are absolutely forbidden, especially if the legs are deliberately displayed. Emmanuelle Seigner and Haifaa Al Mansour: We are sorry!


Breast not reached and skinny shoulders?

Why make the dose worse by minimizing the curves? So Annabelle Belmondo switch from a first to a minus 5.


Bella Thorne and the thong in bellavista

But what does it matter, Benajamin Mascolo is at his side!


Genius! On the red carpet of Venice 76 you go in your underwear!


Eleonora Puglia: underpants in orbit

And who has the courage to explain to Eleonora Puglia that a red carpet dress is not a strip tease look. That the briefs are not shown to the whole world and that the groin waxing it must be done in time, not two hours before. Thank you.


This story of Free The Nipple has ended

Eliza Oynus he has spared no expense: miles of precious emerald green lace to face one of the most glamorous red carpet in the circuit. A little too much where they did not serve, too few elsewhere on his décolleté.


Madalina Ghenea and pushed mimicry

Bella is beautiful. Seductive as well. How is it possible that a creature like Madalina Ghenea can choose only clothes agitators of water with a sandy bottom?


The mysterious cit of Vanessa Galipoli

Multilayer hairstyle, browse a thousand veils or too much vodka the night before?


Banana peels on the red carpet in Venice: Juliette Binoche mentions Cher

Juliette Binoche, protagonist of the film La Vérité (The Truth) by Hirokazu Kore'eda, on the first red carpet of Venice 2019 chose to wear a long dress with bustier bodice from the heart neckline to Giorgio Armani Privé. And so far nothing serious, indeed. It is a pity, however, that a pair of drooping sleeves immediately brings to mind a style detail very dear to another icon that, even before the French actress, knew how to clear out short and turned arms like no other. Only Cher has the privilege of showing them off repeatedly. Here in a 1998 shot at the Academy Awards edition number 70.


The abundance of a Posto al Sole by Vittoria Schisano

It makes the actress forget the series of audience records "Un posto al sole" Vittoria Schisano to have to take into account forms and proportions even outside the cropped shots on the set of the Neapolitan soap. Despite the jewels in rose gold and diamonds from the collection Constellation by Damiani, on the red carpet of Venice 76 redundancy rhymes with richness but not with elegance. Sorry.


The magic of Giulia Valentina and the vanished life point

Giulia Valentina it is adorable, ethereal and magical, wrapped in a creation Valentino: a long tulle dress and smokey gray embroidery of 10 and praise. Everyone has attitude, style and charm, but what is missing then? Um, the life point. Sin.


Jasmine Sanders' cloud dress stumbles over black sandals

Also known as Golden Barbie, the model and influencer of German-American fashion Jasmine Sanders literally dug out on the red carpet of the Film Festival thanks to one of the creations PLEASEDONTBUY signed by TWINSET, capsules of ceremony dresses with more than democratic accessibility. She is angelic, a pair of golden, silver or tone-on-tone jeweled sandals would have been enough. Blacks just not.


The high life of Isabella Ferrari in Venice 76

It is a special and radiant time for Isabella Ferrari of passage to Venice with The Obscene Life by Renato De Maria, a film inspired by the homonymous autobiographical novel by Aldo Nove. The brilliant combo of the pure white shirt and the maxi skirt is more than apt if it weren't for the totally wrong proportion. Isabella is much more beautiful than she appeared on the red carpet in the lagoon.


Ludivine Sagnier's romper in Venice: when it is (too) short, it is too much

Ok make those out of the box and ok it's still summer. But on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival you don't go in shorts, not even one short elegant suit like this. Too bad, banana peel for Ludivine Sagnier.


The youngest juror Stacy Martin and the austere dress

Stacy Martin, 8 memorable films including Nymphomaniac by Lars Von Trier e The Tale of Tales by Matteo Garrone, at only 28 years of age he won a privileged place in the dreaded jury of the 76th edition of the film festival of Venice. Despite the 90 load, between tension and responsibility for such an important job, Stacy could have chosen to Louis Vuitton a different look and more suitable to celebrate the glamor of the red carpet.

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