Evidence that Mădălina Ghenea broke up with Matei Stratan

Although it has been talked about the separation between Mădălina Ghenea and the child's father, the brunette did not confirm this, but still posts more messages on the social account, leaving room for interpretations.

"She suspected for a long time that he still had someone. His behavior had changed. When she had clear evidence, black on white, it exploded on Instagram. It looks like Matthew will have a weekly visit schedule. Everything has finally been broken, "said Madalina's close friend to the" Vip Agency ".

According to Cristi Brancu, who cites a friend of Stratan, Matthew spends time with another woman, older than himself, but he is very discreet. "He does not seem to be destroyed by the separation from Madalina. Looks like he's letting her believe what she wants. Love has gone, "added the same source.

A message by Madalina Ghenea, made public last day, makes it clear that the two things are not at all rosy. "Not only did you cheat on me, but you both cheated on us. Not only did you break my heart, but you destroyed our future ", writes in the photo posted by Mădălina Ghenea on his account of Instagram.

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