EXCLUSIVE / Mădălina Ghenea Has A Serious Reason To Keep His Millionaire Lover Away From The Red Carpet. Passed It To The Work Down | Entertainment, Monden | Freedom

Denisa Macovei,

In fact, Matei does not disappear completely, but remains in the shadow of his famous girlfriend, Mădălinei Ghenea. If in his spare time, Ghenea does not know how to stick to the young man, overwhelms him with kisses, does not escape him neither from his eyes nor from his hand, when they go together to an event of great adventure, Matei is non-existent. And that’s because, at those key moments in Oltencia’s career, Stratan has the role of photographing her on the red carpet, filming her while she is interviewing or talking to other actors, and then posting everything on her pages. from social networking sites. Although it would allow not one, but ten photographers.

Madalina Ghenea, on the island of Ischia

He cleansed her image

So, until now, Matei had only the role of administrator of the site of Mădălinei, and not as an official partner on the red carpet. Which is right, since they are together, the actress’s internet accounts have been “cleaned up” – the movies with Mădălina have disappeared through various clubs or lascivious dancing, appeared during the relationship with Philipe Plein, and now only posts are found there. which highlight his achievements on a professional level.