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Mădălina became a girl's mother earlier this month, on April 4, after a nearly 11-hour labor. "Work" hard, but it was worth it, considering how much a child wanted!

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Since then, Madalina, her lover, businessman Matei Stratan, and their daughter they practically stood in the house. It was supposed to be the beginning of a long period of isolation, in which the star broke up in a career to devote himself to the family. This isolation will end much faster than the world expects. That's because Mădălina signed some contracts during the pregnancy, and now it's due. Next month, that is, one month after birth, he must return to work!

In total, three contracts must honor it in May and June. And for that he has two things to do. The first – and the hardest: to regain its silhouette. What it means to keep an extreme diet to get rid of the excess kilos, taman at the time you should have a balanced diet to be able to breastfeed the baby. Second: to break her baby. It could also have a spare variant, which it is tattooing now. She negotiates with her with whom she signed the contract to take her little girl with her.

Negotiate the first pictures with her little girl

Mădălina has not published a photo with her daughter so far, and when she left the maternity she took care to hide her from the cameras. This behavior has an explanation: he has received many offers, including abroad, for the first pictures with the lowest one, and is now bidding and negotiating. It is very possible to repeat the experience with the painter in which the pregnant woman appeared, that is, the whole series of photos to be made by her lover Matei Stratan.

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