Fair: between the banks Madalina Ghenea, the muse of Sorrentino and the Festival of Sanremo
Madalina Ghenea
Madalina Ghenea

Arezzo, February 5, 2017 – Rises from the table of Costanti constants as when it comes out of the pool of Sorrentino's latest film. Remember? She was naked, even with her back to him, and the protagonists nailed, even if they had been fixed by the eyes of Giucas Casella by Sir Biss, Robin Hood's hypnotist. It is Madalina Ghenea: a light coat, the black wool cap pulled down to her eyes but which only partially holds loose hair. Even recognizable at the bar.

"But do you really want to take a picture of me?" I don't know if I am well. " The doubt holds just a few seconds, not even the worst of photographers could make it hurt. And around her in a few seconds the waiters and the simple passers-by also crowd together, who don't let themselves be fooled by the coat and recognize the character. Lately often around here. But in this case just around the Fair.

«It is beautiful here». So even the muse, not only of Sorrentino but also of so many companies whose products he lent his face, loves antiques? "I find it always better to buy antique pieces than new ones." Almost an advertising spot too, offered free to the people of the Fair. She, who just a year ago shared the stage with Carlo Conti at the Sanremo Festival.

And when you remember Sanremo, to explain to you why people recognize it on the fly, it lights up at the best of memories. One click, another, a smile. Romanian origin, a good slice of career for the world but especially in Italy: and not just as a model. Sorrentino aside, his face first crossed Ramazzotti's videos, then "Dancing with the stars", one of Rai Uno's flagship shows. To then be chosen by Gassman and Ben Stiller for their films or by the Borgia production to play Dorotea Malatesta. "Are you sure I am doing well?" Yes, never been so sure.